another old btr chat room

Subject: here you go.
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 02:14:53 -0300

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2010-04-10 06:51:24 PM Emo Carl enter the room
2010-04-10 06:52:00 PM SuzieOh enter the room


2010-04-10 06:52:10 PM SuzieOh XD
2010-04-10 06:52:14 PM Dirty Sally enter the room
2010-04-10 06:52:24 PM Dirty Sally yo
2010-04-10 06:52:34 PM Dirty Sally quit the room
2010-04-10 06:52:35 PM Guest2206 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:52:37 PM SuzieOh Hiya DS, Carl
2010-04-10 06:52:58 PM Guest2207 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:53:02 PM Blaze Corleone enter the room
2010-04-10 06:53:20 PM Guest2206 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:53:33 PM Guest2207 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:53:48 PM Bity enter the room
2010-04-10 06:53:48 PM Guest2210 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:54:05 PM Guest2210 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:54:26 PM Guest2214 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:54:48 PM Bity Hi everyone
2010-04-10 06:54:52 PM SuzieOh hello
2010-04-10 06:54:58 PM Jenapher enter the room
2010-04-10 06:55:02 PM Guest2214 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:55:10 PM Blaze Corleone Hey all…brb….
2010-04-10 06:55:11 PM *~Vanna~* enter the room
2010-04-10 06:55:26 PM SuzieOh brb too
2010-04-10 06:55:48 PM Guest2221 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:56:02 PM Jenapher Hello in there
2010-04-10 06:56:02 PM Guest2223 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:56:07 PM Dirty Sally enter the room
2010-04-10 06:56:11 PM *~Vanna~* quit the room
2010-04-10 06:56:13 PM Jenapher HI BLAZE!!!!!
2010-04-10 06:56:19 PM Jenapher YAY BLAE (L)(L)(L)
2010-04-10 06:56:24 PM Jenapher BLAZE*
2010-04-10 06:56:25 PM *~Vanna~* enter the room
2010-04-10 06:56:28 PM Dirty Sally Hi Blaze!!!
2010-04-10 06:56:34 PM Dirty Sally and stufffffffffffffff
2010-04-10 06:56:47 PM Dirty Sally hi Suzie
2010-04-10 06:56:47 PM *~Vanna~* Hello everyone!!
2010-04-10 06:56:49 PM Guest2223 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:56:50 PM Dirty Sally hi Vanna
2010-04-10 06:56:52 PM Jenapher I think Myspace blew up bc Blaze wasn’t here to oversee things
2010-04-10 06:56:57 PM Jenapher yup
2010-04-10 06:56:59 PM Dirty Sally hi Bity and Jen
2010-04-10 06:57:03 PM Jenapher that was the problem
2010-04-10 06:57:05 PM Jenapher Hey Sally
2010-04-10 06:57:08 PM Bity Hi DS !!!
2010-04-10 06:57:11 PM Bity hey Jen
2010-04-10 06:57:13 PM Guest2227 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:57:13 PM Bity Vanna
2010-04-10 06:57:15 PM Jenapher Hi Bity
2010-04-10 06:57:18 PM Guest2228 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:57:36 PM Jenapher So what’s the topic of discussion guys??
2010-04-10 06:57:38 PM *~Vanna~* Hi Bity…
2010-04-10 06:57:41 PM Emo Carl hey vanna, blaze, sally, jen bity
2010-04-10 06:57:43 PM Guest2227 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:57:44 PM Emo Carl did i get everyone lol
2010-04-10 06:57:46 PM Jenapher Hello hello
2010-04-10 06:57:49 PM Emo Carl suzi
2010-04-10 06:57:51 PM *~Vanna~* topic of discussion issssss….I dunno 😉
2010-04-10 06:57:53 PM SuzieOh Hello again
2010-04-10 06:57:55 PM Jenapher haha
2010-04-10 06:57:58 PM Shelby123 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:58:03 PM Jenapher Hi Shelby
2010-04-10 06:58:05 PM Jenapher brb
2010-04-10 06:58:05 PM Emo Carl world peace
2010-04-10 06:58:09 PM Shelby123 Hi Jen!
2010-04-10 06:58:10 PM Jenapher oh yeah right
2010-04-10 06:58:14 PM Shelby123 Hi Carl!
2010-04-10 06:58:15 PM *~Vanna~* or getting a piece
2010-04-10 06:58:22 PM Dirty Sally how are you this fine evening Carl
2010-04-10 06:58:25 PM Bity hey carl
2010-04-10 06:58:25 PM Shelby123 world peace? bwahahahaha
2010-04-10 06:58:36 PM Emo Carl doing pretty well, you sally?
2010-04-10 06:58:37 PM SuzieOh 🙂
2010-04-10 06:58:37 PM Bity shelby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-04-10 06:58:38 PM Emo Carl 🙂
2010-04-10 06:58:45 PM Emo Carl hey shelby 🙂
2010-04-10 06:58:46 PM Shelby123 Hi Sally! Damn I just got done reading all the entries I missed for your challenge, great writes
2010-04-10 06:58:47 PM Guest2234 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:58:51 PM Shelby123 hi bity!!
2010-04-10 06:58:51 PM Guest2228 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:58:52 PM Guest2234 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:59:00 PM Dirty Sally ***in awesome
2010-04-10 06:59:08 PM Dirty Sally hey Carl
2010-04-10 06:59:12 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang enter the room
2010-04-10 06:59:17 PM Lady Mystery enter the room
2010-04-10 06:59:19 PM Jenapher oh you already got it Shelby
2010-04-10 06:59:21 PM *~Vanna~* Nina!!!!
2010-04-10 06:59:21 PM Shelby123 about half I was already subscribed to, the rest I wasnt so it was great
2010-04-10 06:59:24 PM Guest2221 quit the room
2010-04-10 06:59:26 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang oh sally fancy
2010-04-10 06:59:28 PM Shelby123 got what?
2010-04-10 06:59:29 PM Guest2237 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:59:32 PM Jenapher I went to go add it to the readd page
2010-04-10 06:59:33 PM Shelby123 Hi Vanna!
2010-04-10 06:59:33 PM Dirty Sally i found a new guy today
2010-04-10 06:59:39 PM Jenapher uh oh Sally
2010-04-10 06:59:40 PM Shelby123 ohh yeah I did it earlier
2010-04-10 06:59:42 PM Shelby123 both shows
2010-04-10 06:59:42 PM Jenapher whaddaya mean
2010-04-10 06:59:42 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang new guy?
2010-04-10 06:59:43 PM Dirty Sally what nina beaner?
2010-04-10 06:59:48 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang xoxoox
2010-04-10 06:59:50 PM Jenapher make ur font bigger sally
2010-04-10 06:59:55 PM Dirty Sally i pimped him
2010-04-10 06:59:56 PM Jenapher both of you
2010-04-10 06:59:57 PM Guest2240 enter the room
2010-04-10 06:59:57 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang (F)
2010-04-10 06:59:59 PM Shelby123 lol
2010-04-10 07:00:00 PM Jenapher I’m blind
2010-04-10 07:00:02 PM Jenapher 😛
2010-04-10 07:00:03 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang oh i saw that
2010-04-10 07:00:06 PM Dirty Sally poor old jen
2010-04-10 07:00:10 PM Jenapher and deaf
2010-04-10 07:00:13 PM Jenapher just call me Helen
2010-04-10 07:00:21 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang oh and I pimped jo blogs
2010-04-10 07:00:25 PM guest4935 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:00:30 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang he is net-o
2010-04-10 07:00:33 PM Jackaline enter the room
2010-04-10 07:00:36 PM Dirty Sally Lucky you have such a sunny disposition then Jen
2010-04-10 07:00:36 PM Cheryl Buffarilla enter the room
2010-04-10 07:00:39 PM Jenapher better
2010-04-10 07:00:40 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang neat-o
2010-04-10 07:00:41 PM Blaze Corleone quit the room
2010-04-10 07:00:43 PM VickiLynn enter the room
2010-04-10 07:00:44 PM Dirty Sally good
2010-04-10 07:00:45 PM Jenapher yeah right Sally
2010-04-10 07:00:48 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang im sunny
2010-04-10 07:00:48 PM Jenapher 😀
2010-04-10 07:00:48 PM Dirty Sally ok im going to peeeeeeeeee
2010-04-10 07:00:50 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang cheese
2010-04-10 07:00:50 PM Dirty Sally brb
2010-04-10 07:00:52 PM Blaze Corleone enter the room
2010-04-10 07:00:53 PM Dirty Sally quit the room
2010-04-10 07:00:53 PM Jenapher (LOL)
2010-04-10 07:00:53 PM Dirty Sally enter the room
2010-04-10 07:00:56 PM Jenapher (lol)
2010-04-10 07:00:58 PM Jenapher oops
2010-04-10 07:01:00 PM Dirty Sally quit the room
2010-04-10 07:01:00 PM Jenapher quit the room
2010-04-10 07:01:00 PM Dirty Sally enter the room
2010-04-10 07:01:02 PM Bity quit the room
2010-04-10 07:01:05 PM Guest2249 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:01:07 PM Jenapher enter the room
2010-04-10 07:01:08 PM Guest2237 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:01:12 PM SuzieOh <:o)
2010-04-10 07:01:18 PM Tedgolfs1 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:01:20 PM Jenapher Hi Vicki
2010-04-10 07:01:20 PM Guest2252 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:01:21 PM *~Vanna~* MYS?
2010-04-10 07:01:23 PM Jenapher Is that you
2010-04-10 07:01:25 PM Cheryl Buffarilla Howdy everyone…hope ya all had a great day…it was nice here..and my friends wedding was great
2010-04-10 07:01:26 PM Bity enter the room
2010-04-10 07:01:26 PM VickiLynn Hi jen!!
2010-04-10 07:01:27 PM Dirty Sally quit the room
2010-04-10 07:01:27 PM Dirty Sally enter the room
2010-04-10 07:01:29 PM Guest2254 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:01:38 PM Bity i got sound
2010-04-10 07:01:40 PM Lady Mystery quit the room
2010-04-10 07:01:40 PM Jenapher (})
2010-04-10 07:01:42 PM Jenapher me too
2010-04-10 07:01:46 PM Jenapher it started itself
2010-04-10 07:01:47 PM Shelby123
2010-04-10 07:01:48 PM VickiLynn I can hear the sound now!
2010-04-10 07:01:49 PM SuzieOh quit the room
2010-04-10 07:01:51 PM Lady Mystery enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:02 PM SuzieOh enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:03 PM Dirty Sally quit the room
2010-04-10 07:02:03 PM Dirty Sally enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:05 PM Shelby123 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:02:12 PM Jenapher Are you back now Blaze
2010-04-10 07:02:13 PM Shelby123 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:17 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang oh
2010-04-10 07:02:17 PM Guest2260 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:22 PM Dirty Sally quit the room
2010-04-10 07:02:23 PM Dirty Sally enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:27 PM Bity testing
2010-04-10 07:02:28 PM Lady Mystery quit the room
2010-04-10 07:02:28 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang l
2010-04-10 07:02:30 PM makswell enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:34 PM Jenapher 123
2010-04-10 07:02:41 PM Dirty Sally still need to pee
2010-04-10 07:02:41 PM Blaze Corleone HEY there!! Just pimped the show…love the new LOOK to the BTR pimpin’
2010-04-10 07:02:43 PM makswell quit the room
2010-04-10 07:02:43 PM Lady Mystery enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:45 PM Jenapher Carl is this show two hours or one?
2010-04-10 07:02:46 PM Guest2240 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:02:48 PM VickiLynn Check..check!
2010-04-10 07:02:52 PM Lady Mystery quit the room
2010-04-10 07:02:52 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang 2
2010-04-10 07:02:54 PM *~Vanna~* 2 hrs
2010-04-10 07:02:54 PM Emo Carl 2
2010-04-10 07:02:55 PM Jenapher oh
2010-04-10 07:02:56 PM Guest2262 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:02:58 PM Bity 2
2010-04-10 07:02:59 PM MikeyNLinda enter the room
2010-04-10 07:03:01 PM Jenapher I’ll be here for about one
2010-04-10 07:03:01 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang 2
2010-04-10 07:03:03 PM Guest2263 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:03:04 PM Guest2260 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:03:05 PM Tedgolfs1 HI SALLY
2010-04-10 07:03:07 PM Tedgolfs1 HI NINA
2010-04-10 07:03:13 PM Tedgolfs1 HI JEN
2010-04-10 07:03:13 PM Guest2265 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:03:13 PM Guest2265 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:03:16 PM Blaze Corleone I feel ya Jen…I’ll try to hang in there…
2010-04-10 07:03:17 PM Guest2264 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:03:17 PM Jenapher I have to get the boys in bed b4 Nina’s show
2010-04-10 07:03:19 PM Jenapher Hey Blaze
2010-04-10 07:03:21 PM Lady Mystery enter the room
2010-04-10 07:03:21 PM Shelby123 Hi Ted!
2010-04-10 07:03:22 PM Blaze Corleone ROFL…
2010-04-10 07:03:24 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang how do u type BIG?
2010-04-10 07:03:25 PM Jenapher you gonna come to Nina’s show
2010-04-10 07:03:25 PM Guest2263 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:03:28 PM Tedgolfs1 HI SHELBY
2010-04-10 07:03:29 PM Jenapher it’s on a new site
2010-04-10 07:03:33 PM simo enter the room
2010-04-10 07:03:35 PM Shelby123 Hi Blaze!!
2010-04-10 07:03:35 PM Blaze Corleone Change your font size Nina…LOL
2010-04-10 07:03:37 PM Jenapher change the font size
2010-04-10 07:03:38 PM VickiLynn click on the T
2010-04-10 07:03:40 PM Blaze Corleone Hey Shelby!
2010-04-10 07:03:42 PM Jenapher deerrrrrrr
2010-04-10 07:03:43 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang oh cool
2010-04-10 07:03:49 PM Jenapher see
2010-04-10 07:03:51 PM Shelby123 wait a min fukkin phone
2010-04-10 07:03:53 PM Bity Hi Linda
2010-04-10 07:03:56 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang wait i wanna be big as ted
2010-04-10 07:03:57 PM Bity Hi Josh
2010-04-10 07:04:02 PM Blaze Corleone LOL…damn phone got me a few min. ago…haha
2010-04-10 07:04:04 PM Jenapher I’m at 22
2010-04-10 07:04:07 PM Guest2264 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:04:08 PM KellyJo41 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:04:14 PM Blaze Corleone On DA BUSSSSS
2010-04-10 07:04:16 PM Jenapher Hi Josh
2010-04-10 07:04:17 PM Tedgolfs1 NINA THAT TAKES YEARS OF PRATICE BABE
2010-04-10 07:04:24 PM Jenapher not me
2010-04-10 07:04:31 PM Jenapher I didn;t hear sh it
2010-04-10 07:04:32 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang I wanna be big
2010-04-10 07:04:37 PM Jenapher You are Nina
2010-04-10 07:04:41 PM Jenapher ur a big star
2010-04-10 07:04:44 PM Jenapher SUPER STAR
2010-04-10 07:04:52 PM Jenapher Hi Vanna Banana
2010-04-10 07:04:52 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang see
2010-04-10 07:04:56 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang littler
2010-04-10 07:05:07 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang why btr why?
2010-04-10 07:05:07 PM Jenapher I have to be quiet to get the baby to sleep
2010-04-10 07:05:08 PM aranda.88 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:05:09 PM VickiLynn Stop Nina!!!….lmbo!
2010-04-10 07:05:11 PM KellyJo41 Hi Carl! Hi Vanna! Hi everyone!!
2010-04-10 07:05:17 PM Jenapher yeah
2010-04-10 07:05:20 PM VickiLynn Hi Kelly
2010-04-10 07:05:20 PM Blaze Corleone Hi KJ!
2010-04-10 07:05:21 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang hi kj
2010-04-10 07:05:21 PM Bity Hi KJ!!!!
2010-04-10 07:05:23 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang fap
2010-04-10 07:05:26 PM KellyJo41 Blaze!
2010-04-10 07:05:27 PM Jenapher Hi KJ
2010-04-10 07:05:29 PM KellyJo41 Nina!
2010-04-10 07:05:33 PM KellyJo41 Jen!
2010-04-10 07:05:36 PM Cheryl Buffarilla howdy everyone!!
2010-04-10 07:05:39 PM Blaze Corleone (L)
2010-04-10 07:05:40 PM Jenapher Nina got booted off tw shows today on talkshoe
2010-04-10 07:05:41 PM KellyJo41 Cheryl!!
2010-04-10 07:05:42 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang link
2010-04-10 07:05:44 PM Tedgolfs1 I WOULD ALSO
2010-04-10 07:05:48 PM KellyJo41 (L) Blaze
2010-04-10 07:05:48 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i cant hear ***
2010-04-10 07:05:48 PM Jenapher they’re a bunch of uptight bastids
2010-04-10 07:05:53 PM Jenapher
2010-04-10 07:05:55 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang help
2010-04-10 07:05:57 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang help
2010-04-10 07:06:00 PM Jenapher
2010-04-10 07:06:06 PM Jenapher read the chat nina
2010-04-10 07:06:08 PM Jenapher 😛
2010-04-10 07:06:09 PM KellyJo41 Nina when is your show?
2010-04-10 07:06:11 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang quit the room
2010-04-10 07:06:11 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang enter the room
2010-04-10 07:06:17 PM Jenapher in two hours KJ
2010-04-10 07:06:18 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang oh look
2010-04-10 07:06:20 PM KellyJo41 I just got on and will pimp
2010-04-10 07:06:25 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i dunno ask jenn
2010-04-10 07:06:30 PM Jenapher She doesn’t pay attention
2010-04-10 07:06:30 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang am I doing a show?
2010-04-10 07:06:32 PM KellyJo41 Thanks Jen
2010-04-10 07:06:36 PM Jenapher Yeah you rere
2010-04-10 07:06:38 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang fudge
2010-04-10 07:06:41 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang ok
2010-04-10 07:06:47 PM KellyJo41 😀 Vanna
2010-04-10 07:06:48 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i gatta shave my kitty
2010-04-10 07:06:49 PM Jenapher She’s too busy smoking the ganga
2010-04-10 07:06:49 PM The Pink Pump enter the room
2010-04-10 07:07:00 PM Jenapher (H)
2010-04-10 07:07:04 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang vannas on a bus to carls?
2010-04-10 07:07:05 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang cool
2010-04-10 07:07:07 PM Jenapher fvcking stoner
2010-04-10 07:07:08 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang did he pay?
2010-04-10 07:07:16 PM Jenapher lol Nina
2010-04-10 07:07:18 PM MikeyNLinda bk hi all
2010-04-10 07:07:19 PM Guest2282 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:07:20 PM Blaze Corleone 😀
2010-04-10 07:07:21 PM Jenapher ur retahd3d
2010-04-10 07:07:23 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang hi linda
2010-04-10 07:07:24 PM KellyJo41 Hi Linda!
2010-04-10 07:07:31 PM Jenapher Hi Linda
2010-04-10 07:07:32 PM The Pink Pump Anyone talk *** about me yet?
2010-04-10 07:07:38 PM Jenapher Nope not yet
2010-04-10 07:07:38 PM Dirty Sally hi KellyJo
2010-04-10 07:07:41 PM Bity YAY!!!!!
2010-04-10 07:07:42 PM Blaze Corleone Hey Linda…(F)
2010-04-10 07:07:42 PM Dirty Sally hello Lisa dear
2010-04-10 07:07:45 PM Jenapher I was just getting warmed up
2010-04-10 07:07:45 PM KellyJo41 Hi Sal! Hi BL!!
2010-04-10 07:07:47 PM Dirty Sally hi Lindaaaaaaa
2010-04-10 07:07:47 PM Bity KJ commercial!!!!
2010-04-10 07:07:48 PM The Pink Pump darn
2010-04-10 07:07:50 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang lisa is a whore slut
2010-04-10 07:07:52 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang yes lisa
2010-04-10 07:07:55 PM KellyJo41 Bity!!
2010-04-10 07:08:00 PM Dirty Sally hello simo
2010-04-10 07:08:00 PM The Pink Pump thanks nina
2010-04-10 07:08:01 PM Blaze Corleone Hey BL!
2010-04-10 07:08:03 PM VickiLynn Hi Linda
2010-04-10 07:08:03 PM Bity KJ is getting rich
2010-04-10 07:08:05 PM Dirty Sally hi ted
2010-04-10 07:08:06 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang anytime
2010-04-10 07:08:07 PM The Pink Pump hi blaze girl!
2010-04-10 07:08:08 PM Blaze Corleone (F)
2010-04-10 07:08:09 PM *~Vanna~* I LOVE KJ COMERCIALS!
2010-04-10 07:08:12 PM Jenapher Me too
2010-04-10 07:08:14 PM KellyJo41 (L)
2010-04-10 07:08:18 PM Jenapher I think she’s funny
2010-04-10 07:08:20 PM Benae enter the room
2010-04-10 07:08:21 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i blow dicks for my $$$$
2010-04-10 07:08:25 PM Jenapher She needs to try to do stand up
2010-04-10 07:08:36 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang kj gets paid
2010-04-10 07:08:38 PM Benae Just in time to hear KJ
2010-04-10 07:08:39 PM MikeyNLinda lol
2010-04-10 07:08:39 PM Bity $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
2010-04-10 07:08:45 PM Benae yayyy
2010-04-10 07:08:45 PM Blaze Corleone 😀
2010-04-10 07:08:49 PM KellyJo41 Hi Benae!!
2010-04-10 07:08:49 PM Jenapher money money money money
2010-04-10 07:08:51 PM Dirty Sally LOL
2010-04-10 07:08:51 PM Jenapher money
2010-04-10 07:08:51 PM Bity lol
2010-04-10 07:08:52 PM Blaze Corleone BENAE! Hey you
2010-04-10 07:08:53 PM Benae BLAZEEEEE baby
2010-04-10 07:08:53 PM Dirty Sally whore
2010-04-10 07:08:56 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang plush shipping and handling
2010-04-10 07:08:56 PM MikeyNLinda lol
2010-04-10 07:08:57 PM Dirty Sally bus money
2010-04-10 07:08:59 PM Benae Heyy KJ
2010-04-10 07:09:06 PM Bity hahahahahahahahahaha
2010-04-10 07:09:10 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang vannas white? wha?
2010-04-10 07:09:12 PM Jenapher LMAO
2010-04-10 07:09:13 PM Cheryl Buffarilla :D:D:D: LMAO KJ!!!!
2010-04-10 07:09:14 PM Jenapher (lol)
2010-04-10 07:09:14 PM Blaze Corleone (lol)
2010-04-10 07:09:16 PM Bity 😀
2010-04-10 07:09:16 PM *~Vanna~* play-a-sukka
2010-04-10 07:09:17 PM Guest2254 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:09:22 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang YES!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-04-10 07:09:23 PM KellyJo41 hee hee
2010-04-10 07:09:27 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang im ganna try it
2010-04-10 07:09:28 PM MikeyNLinda lol
2010-04-10 07:09:35 PM Blaze Corleone PLAYASUCKA!!!
2010-04-10 07:09:38 PM Blaze Corleone BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA
2010-04-10 07:09:38 PM Bity lol
2010-04-10 07:09:39 PM KellyJo41 Thank you Vanna!!
2010-04-10 07:09:43 PM Jenapher
2010-04-10 07:09:43 PM KellyJo41 $$$$$
2010-04-10 07:09:44 PM The Pink Pump I’m ordering a copy of that right now
2010-04-10 07:09:47 PM Benae I want that Player sucka
2010-04-10 07:09:54 PM Jenapher no it’s not
2010-04-10 07:09:54 PM *~Vanna~* LOVE YOU KJ!!!
2010-04-10 07:09:55 PM Blaze Corleone I am in the WRONG business!!!
2010-04-10 07:09:57 PM KellyJo41 I’ll give you a coupon Bad Lisa!!
2010-04-10 07:09:57 PM Bity is that plus s&h
2010-04-10 07:09:57 PM Guest2300 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:10:00 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang I get all the train tickets
2010-04-10 07:10:02 PM Benae Me also Blaze
2010-04-10 07:10:03 PM Jenapher it won’t let me click it!!
2010-04-10 07:10:05 PM Jenapher lol
2010-04-10 07:10:11 PM Jenapher Me too B
2010-04-10 07:10:13 PM The Pink Pump you better kelly jo
2010-04-10 07:10:15 PM Blaze Corleone We need myspace playasucka manuals!
2010-04-10 07:10:17 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang ha he lost his notes
2010-04-10 07:10:23 PM The Pink Pump i can barely afford this trailer as it is
2010-04-10 07:10:25 PM Blaze Corleone 😀
2010-04-10 07:10:26 PM Benae hell yea we do
2010-04-10 07:10:27 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i dont take notes
2010-04-10 07:10:30 PM KellyJo41 Of course Bad Lisa!!
2010-04-10 07:10:30 PM Guest2306 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:10:33 PM Shelby123 ok back i think
2010-04-10 07:10:33 PM Benae KJ you rock lol
2010-04-10 07:10:34 PM Blaze Corleone ROFL @ BL…STOP IT!
2010-04-10 07:10:38 PM Blaze Corleone 😀
2010-04-10 07:10:43 PM KellyJo41 Aw thanks Benae
2010-04-10 07:10:50 PM Tedgolfs1 LISA BABY
2010-04-10 07:10:58 PM Jenapher Hey Lisa
2010-04-10 07:11:02 PM KellyJo41 Did he touch your doodie hole, Vanna???
2010-04-10 07:11:04 PM Jenapher I have stairs in my trailer too
2010-04-10 07:11:06 PM Shelby123 hi Lisa
2010-04-10 07:11:14 PM The Pink Pump hey ted, jen and shelby
2010-04-10 07:11:17 PM Blaze Corleone doodie hole…(lol)
2010-04-10 07:11:18 PM Dirty Sally hey cheryl
2010-04-10 07:11:19 PM Bity he was used
2010-04-10 07:11:20 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang I friended mtgr
2010-04-10 07:11:21 PM Shelby123 yeah I do too Jen and a attic and a basement
2010-04-10 07:11:26 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang why not?
2010-04-10 07:11:28 PM The Pink Pump doodie hole!!!
2010-04-10 07:11:28 PM Cheryl Buffarilla hi Sally
2010-04-10 07:11:30 PM The Pink Pump bwahahahahahaha
2010-04-10 07:11:32 PM Shelby123 lmao
2010-04-10 07:11:36 PM MikeyNLinda hi BL
2010-04-10 07:11:48 PM Bity yes
2010-04-10 07:11:48 PM VickiLynn I have a hole in the floor right when you walk in my trailer
2010-04-10 07:11:48 PM The Pink Pump hi linda!
2010-04-10 07:11:49 PM Benae BL I live in a trailer its nice since we put it on bricks
2010-04-10 07:11:51 PM Jenapher Oh I have an attic and a shed
2010-04-10 07:11:52 PM KellyJo41 MTRG is up her doodie hole?
2010-04-10 07:11:54 PM Jenapher no basement
2010-04-10 07:11:55 PM Bity both
2010-04-10 07:12:00 PM Jenapher I need the deluxe trailer
2010-04-10 07:12:04 PM Cheryl Buffarilla Nagger and DoodieHole…it don’t get much better!
2010-04-10 07:12:13 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang we dont have basements in FLA its the ocean
2010-04-10 07:12:15 PM KellyJo41 Cheryl hush!!!
2010-04-10 07:12:16 PM Benae Double wide so my ass will fit
2010-04-10 07:12:16 PM Blaze Corleone ROFL @ Benae…gotta LOVE those bricks! Works when you don’t have an emergency brake on the car too
2010-04-10 07:12:28 PM Blaze Corleone LOL CHERYL!! Damn NAGGERZ!!
2010-04-10 07:12:28 PM Benae LOL right B
2010-04-10 07:12:31 PM Blaze Corleone BWAAAHAHA
2010-04-10 07:12:32 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang we dont have hills eaither
2010-04-10 07:12:34 PM Shelby123 lol The Dude is doing a show tomorrow nite, hes a political blogger but he cracks me up
2010-04-10 07:12:34 PM The Pink Pump wait
2010-04-10 07:12:40 PM The Pink Pump paula warned someone?
2010-04-10 07:12:42 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang we have water
2010-04-10 07:12:45 PM Shelby123 I am gonna pimp him out tomorrow
2010-04-10 07:12:46 PM The Pink Pump bwahahahahahahah
2010-04-10 07:12:48 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang and aligators
2010-04-10 07:12:51 PM KellyJo41 HAHAHAH
2010-04-10 07:12:53 PM Blaze Corleone (lol)
2010-04-10 07:12:54 PM The Pink Pump paula is a fat ***ing lying cunt
2010-04-10 07:13:04 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang and we have a martin luther king jr BLVD
2010-04-10 07:13:05 PM Benae Thank you BL
2010-04-10 07:13:11 PM KellyJo41 Lisa you have the Oshay little dick font again
2010-04-10 07:13:12 PM Benae she really is
2010-04-10 07:13:13 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i work it
2010-04-10 07:13:19 PM The Pink Pump pauly is full of *** and he’s up paula’s cunt
2010-04-10 07:13:20 PM Blaze Corleone Lol Nina..doesn’t everyone?
2010-04-10 07:13:25 PM The Pink Pump you’re welcom benae
2010-04-10 07:13:27 PM Blaze Corleone And aren’t they ALL fukkin’ raggedy as hell?
2010-04-10 07:13:33 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i hang on blunt street
2010-04-10 07:13:40 PM Blaze Corleone 😀
2010-04-10 07:13:43 PM VickiLynn quit the room
2010-04-10 07:13:43 PM Shelby123 brb
2010-04-10 07:13:51 PM The Pink Pump paula cant stop
2010-04-10 07:13:54 PM Jenapher I read that
2010-04-10 07:13:57 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i wanna deep throat drama
2010-04-10 07:14:01 PM The Pink Pump she’s a drama slut
2010-04-10 07:14:11 PM Cheryl Buffarilla Princess Whine is trying to make wine
2010-04-10 07:14:14 PM Bity like 100 time
2010-04-10 07:14:15 PM Benae what Paula does is not DRAMA it very very important stuff dang it
2010-04-10 07:14:17 PM Bity times
2010-04-10 07:14:21 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang im just a dirty slut who loves cyber sex
2010-04-10 07:14:22 PM The Pink Pump vanna get off your ***ing fence
2010-04-10 07:14:24 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang why not?
2010-04-10 07:14:26 PM Blaze Corleone OMG…STUUUUUF
2010-04-10 07:14:26 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang hmmmm?
2010-04-10 07:14:29 PM KellyJo41 LOL Benae
2010-04-10 07:14:30 PM Wolf Fang Mistress enter the room
2010-04-10 07:14:53 PM The Pink Pump paula is busy getting raeped right now
2010-04-10 07:14:54 PM Benae Cause when Paula Blogs people listen
2010-04-10 07:14:55 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang all the freaky ***s come visit me
2010-04-10 07:14:57 PM ;Bobby Ramone enter the room
2010-04-10 07:14:59 PM KellyJo41 HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
2010-04-10 07:15:03 PM Wolf Fang Mistress Hugs and sprinkles
2010-04-10 07:15:11 PM Wolf Fang Mistress quit the room
2010-04-10 07:15:11 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang I dont blog.I leave that to the real bloggers
2010-04-10 07:15:12 PM KellyJo41 Hi Wolfy!
2010-04-10 07:15:14 PM Blaze Corleone Hey there Waya..
2010-04-10 07:15:19 PM Wolf Fang Mistress enter the room
2010-04-10 07:15:20 PM Jenapher nina knows her place
2010-04-10 07:15:23 PM Jenapher 😛
2010-04-10 07:15:25 PM Benae hey Waya
2010-04-10 07:15:26 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang thats right
2010-04-10 07:15:28 PM Jenapher Hi Waya
2010-04-10 07:15:29 PM Guest2317 enter the room
2010-04-10 07:15:29 PM SuzieOh Hiya Waya
2010-04-10 07:15:35 PM Blaze Corleone (F)
2010-04-10 07:15:35 PM Jenapher Lol Suzie
2010-04-10 07:15:36 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang blow jobs and candy boys and girls
2010-04-10 07:15:37 PM aranda.88 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:15:38 PM The Pink Pump paula is threatening people now
2010-04-10 07:15:39 PM MikeRochesterGuy enter the room
2010-04-10 07:15:39 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i haz it
2010-04-10 07:15:44 PM Jenapher Paula threatened me
2010-04-10 07:15:45 PM MikeRochesterGuy okay i am calling in now
2010-04-10 07:15:46 PM The Pink Pump she’s going to sit on them
2010-04-10 07:15:50 PM Benae really how so BL
2010-04-10 07:15:54 PM Wolf Fang Mistress what is the link please
2010-04-10 07:15:55 PM KellyJo41 (lol)
2010-04-10 07:15:56 PM The Pink Pump oh hai rapey!
2010-04-10 07:15:58 PM Benae LOL
2010-04-10 07:15:59 PM SuzieOh Yay! MTRG is here
2010-04-10 07:16:00 PM Shelby123
2010-04-10 07:16:05 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang oh fence sitting
2010-04-10 07:16:07 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang yea baby
2010-04-10 07:16:09 PM Benae MIKEY is here
2010-04-10 07:16:09 PM Shelby123 hi Waya
2010-04-10 07:16:09 PM MikeRochesterGuy *** you lisa you druggy
2010-04-10 07:16:17 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang play nice mikey
2010-04-10 07:16:19 PM The Pink Pump i dont do drugs rapey
2010-04-10 07:16:19 PM Blaze Corleone fence sitting? Is that like pole dancing?
2010-04-10 07:16:22 PM Emo Carl mike is that you holding?
2010-04-10 07:16:24 PM Benae <–is a druggy
2010-04-10 07:16:24 PM ~MoMa~ enter the room
2010-04-10 07:16:25 PM Blaze Corleone I can do that!
2010-04-10 07:16:26 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang i do mary jane
2010-04-10 07:16:29 PM Wolf Fang Mistress waves howdy Doody
2010-04-10 07:16:29 PM The Pink Pump only the women you sleep with do
2010-04-10 07:16:30 PM KellyJo41 LOL Blaze
2010-04-10 07:16:30 PM Blaze Corleone 😀
2010-04-10 07:16:30 PM futuretalkshowchick enter the room
2010-04-10 07:16:32 PM Jenapher (H) Here Mike
2010-04-10 07:16:32 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang and hennesy
2010-04-10 07:16:39 PM Jenapher For after Red Lobster
2010-04-10 07:16:40 PM Benae ^5 Nina
2010-04-10 07:16:42 PM Jenapher (L)
2010-04-10 07:16:46 PM The Pink Pump red lobster!!!
2010-04-10 07:16:47 PM Jenapher 8-|
2010-04-10 07:16:50 PM The Pink Pump bwahahahahahahahah
2010-04-10 07:16:52 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang benae whats that?
2010-04-10 07:16:52 PM Blaze Corleone Jen…(lol)
2010-04-10 07:16:54 PM MikeRochesterGuy I am in the host’s queue carl
2010-04-10 07:16:54 PM Guest2317 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:16:55 PM Shelby123 lol
2010-04-10 07:16:55 PM Wolf Fang Mistress quit the room
2010-04-10 07:17:05 PM Guest2300 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:17:05 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang MANtana
2010-04-10 07:17:06 PM MikeyNLinda bk n forth sorry
2010-04-10 07:17:06 PM Benae Mary Jane and henny Nina
2010-04-10 07:17:06 PM ~MoMa~ Hello Friends
2010-04-10 07:17:07 PM Wolf Fang Mistress enter the room
2010-04-10 07:17:07 PM Blaze Corleone CARL
2010-04-10 07:17:08 PM Jenapher Aww Mikey must have something to say
2010-04-10 07:17:08 PM MikeRochesterGuy hey vanna i am in the host’s queue
2010-04-10 07:17:12 PM futuretalkshowchick quit the room
2010-04-10 07:17:12 PM Jenapher all big and important
2010-04-10 07:17:15 PM *~Vanna~* ok Mike
2010-04-10 07:17:15 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang long live The Great State of MANtana
2010-04-10 07:17:16 PM Staceysoanyway enter the room
2010-04-10 07:17:20 PM The Pink Pump paula said she’s going to hurt you if you talk rapey
2010-04-10 07:17:21 PM makswell enter the room
2010-04-10 07:17:24 PM MikeRochesterGuy jen go fix the gap in your teeth
2010-04-10 07:17:35 PM Jenapher she made it seem that way to me as well Lisa
2010-04-10 07:17:35 PM MikeRochesterGuy you look like mortimer snerd
2010-04-10 07:17:38 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang I quit Eric for MANtana..he B piss
2010-04-10 07:17:39 PM Sweet Nina can Woo Tang hahhahhahhaha
2010-04-10 07:17:41 PM Staceysoanyway awe lardy wat we talking bout
2010-04-10 07:17:44 PM The Pink Pump look who’s talking about teeth! Rapey!
2010-04-10 07:17:44 PM Jenapher I like the gap in my teeth
2010-04-10 07:17:45 PM Benae Mikey always has something to say you know like you fat and ugly stuff like that
2010-04-10 07:17:52 PM Guest2282 quit the room
2010-04-10 07:17:52 PM Blaze Corleone LOL
2010-04-10 07:17:53 PM Jenapher your just mad cuz I don’t suck ur dick
2010-04-10 07:17:56 PM Wolf Fang Mistress oh my goodness
2010-04-10 07:17:58 PM KellyJo41 She was going to call in but her phone raped her.
2010-04-10 07:18:01 PM Staceysoanyway it was a fart
2010-04-10 07:18:02 PM Blaze Corleone ZOMG
2010-04-10 07:18:05 PM MikeRochesterGuy benae you are no one to talk about looks
2010-04-10 07:18:06 PM Benae LOL KJ
2010-04-10 07:18:08 PM The Pink Pump the dude is going to kick your ass tomorrow rapey

Emo Carl chat room. not sure which show

Date Time From To Message
2010-05-17 05:00:35 AM Showstopper enter the room
2010-05-17 05:01:32 AM Shelby123 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:01:46 AM Shelby123 Hey Miss SS!
2010-05-17 05:01:53 AM Shelby123 where the hell is everyone?
2010-05-17 05:02:37 AM *Cheryl enter the room
2010-05-17 05:02:39 AM Showstopper hello there!!
2010-05-17 05:03:11 AM sulairene enter the room
2010-05-17 05:03:19 AM *Cheryl howdy…running late here..sorry
2010-05-17 05:03:23 AM Shelby123 Hi Cheryl!
2010-05-17 05:03:26 AM Shelby123 Hi Sula!
2010-05-17 05:03:43 AM *Cheryl hi shelby, sula, SS
2010-05-17 05:03:44 AM Shelby123 I thought I was gonna be late too,
had my neighbor talking my ear off
2010-05-17 05:04:12 AM Guest3791 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:04:26 AM *Cheryl I missed the first hour
2010-05-17 05:04:28 AM The Sweet Nina show enter the room
2010-05-17 05:04:34 AM Shelby123 hi Nina!
2010-05-17 05:04:39 AM The Sweet Nina show hi link?
2010-05-17 05:04:45 AM *Cheryl hi nina
2010-05-17 05:04:48 AM The Sweet Nina show love u shelby
2010-05-17 05:04:48 AM Shelby123

2010-05-17 05:04:50 AM *Cheryl

2010-05-17 05:04:54 AM The Sweet Nina show hi tARDY
2010-05-17 05:05:02 AM *Cheryl HI sweety Ninny
2010-05-17 05:05:12 AM The Sweet Nina show quit the room
2010-05-17 05:05:12 AM The Sweet Nina show enter the room
2010-05-17 05:05:12 AM Momma naynay enter the room
2010-05-17 05:05:19 AM Shelby123 hi Momma!
2010-05-17 05:05:29 AM The Sweet Nina show HEY MOMMA
2010-05-17 05:05:30 AM Momma naynay Hi peoples
2010-05-17 05:05:34 AM Momma naynay hi
2010-05-17 05:06:00 AM The Sweet Nina show I WANNA BR UR FRIEND ON
2010-05-17 05:06:05 AM Momma naynay good show last night nian
2010-05-17 05:06:24 AM Momma naynay I have a face book but i rarley
ever use it
2010-05-17 05:06:30 AM *Cheryl hi Momma
2010-05-17 05:06:33 AM The Sweet Nina show!/nina.zerillo?ref=profile
2010-05-17 05:06:49 AM Momma naynay hi chryl
2010-05-17 05:06:52 AM The Sweet Nina show U WILL WHEN MY SPACE CLOSE
2010-05-17 05:07:13 AM Momma naynay nina i don’t think i want you to
have my information l
2010-05-17 05:07:20 AM Momma naynay ha
2010-05-17 05:07:21 AM *Cheryl it’s not closing…it’s gonna cost
29.99 a month…Nina said so!
2010-05-17 05:07:32 AM The Sweet Nina show I WANT UR NUMBER MOMMA
2010-05-17 05:07:43 AM Momma naynay it’s on al lthe bathroom walls
2010-05-17 05:07:50 AM Shelby123 lol 30 bucks a month? I can think
of better things to do with 30 bucks a months
2010-05-17 05:07:57 AM *Cheryl I give you all my number…you all
call me pls!! 603-555-1212
begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 603-555-1212 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

2010-05-17 05:08:18 AM sulairene quit the room
2010-05-17 05:08:24 AM EricBrooksDotCom enter the room
2010-05-17 05:08:25 AM Momma naynay yes chrly mine is start a
revolution 706 516 7187 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 706
516 7187 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
2010-05-17 05:08:33 AM Shelby123 hi Eric!
2010-05-17 05:08:39 AM EricBrooksDotCom Hi
2010-05-17 05:08:42 AM sulairene enter the room
2010-05-17 05:08:47 AM Momma naynay oh *** i didn’t want eric tohave
my number ***
2010-05-17 05:08:58 AM Momma naynay damn you chryl
2010-05-17 05:09:01 AM *Cheryl ohh nooo Eric got me number
2010-05-17 05:09:07 AM Guest3864 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:09:09 AM Momma naynay cheryl
2010-05-17 05:09:11 AM *Cheryl dam me!!
2010-05-17 05:09:23 AM Guest3864 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:09:26 AM *Cheryl someone blog on me pls!!!
2010-05-17 05:09:35 AM Momma naynay nina you best not eva call me
2010-05-17 05:09:39 AM *Cheryl photo shop me doing a donkey pls
2010-05-17 05:09:56 AM The Sweet Nina show imma call u later momma
2010-05-17 05:09:58 AM *Cheryl 😀
2010-05-17 05:10:03 AM sulairene lol cheryl w/ya 555 #!!!!
2010-05-17 05:10:13 AM Shelby123 blog on you? lol I have zero
inspiration to blog but I am gonna try to do Eric’s challenge but idk
lost all desire for it
2010-05-17 05:10:33 AM Momma naynay do it girl you can dooo ett
2010-05-17 05:10:34 AM *Cheryl snickers….don’t be fooled when I
ask why number you are looking for…I’m just screening calls
2010-05-17 05:10:52 AM Momma naynay I just got surprise buttseck
text on my cell lol don’t know who did it
2010-05-17 05:11:00 AM Momma naynay i love it
2010-05-17 05:11:10 AM The Sweet Nina show my husband is gay
2010-05-17 05:11:15 AM The Sweet Nina show i swear
2010-05-17 05:11:21 AM *Cheryl I wish I did one does sex
calls me to no more…sigh
2010-05-17 05:11:50 AM EricBrooksDotCom Awwww… well no rush on it
2010-05-17 05:12:05 AM Guest3896 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:12:46 AM Shelby123 well I tried to do the other ones,
would start writing and bam nothing so I gave up
2010-05-17 05:12:55 AM Guest3896 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:13:00 AM Momma naynay don’t give up
2010-05-17 05:13:06 AM *Cheryl I hear ya shelby…I’m empty too
these days
2010-05-17 05:13:21 AM Shelby123 eh with all the crap going on
around here these days, its hardly inspiration to blog
2010-05-17 05:13:41 AM *Cheryl brb
2010-05-17 05:13:44 AM Shelby123 k
2010-05-17 05:13:55 AM Momma naynay I haven’t hadanything to say for
three years .. but then bam it just I am not a writer but i
have fun
2010-05-17 05:14:11 AM Momma naynay I will tell you the secret
2010-05-17 05:14:17 AM Momma naynay to succes for me
2010-05-17 05:14:45 AM Shelby123 I have always written, most of it
in journels and I have a folder full of word docs with writings but alot
of it is personal and well personal around MS isnt the smartest thing
2010-05-17 05:14:48 AM Shelby123 to do*
2010-05-17 05:16:07 AM Momma naynay when i was reading all the best
blog i never would write becasue i thought dam they are so good i suck,
well i quit reading good ones for a while and got my nuts built up and
only read the bad ones and thougth hell i can write better *** than thet
2010-05-17 05:16:07 AM sulairene quit the room
2010-05-17 05:16:14 AM *Cheryl where is Stacey?
2010-05-17 05:16:20 AM Guest3936 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:16:46 AM Shelby123 lol Momma I usually do go with
challenges and stuff like that but just lately eh not really into it
2010-05-17 05:16:47 AM Momma naynay I didn’t know ss and paula was
into it again
2010-05-17 05:16:48 AM sulairene enter the room
2010-05-17 05:16:56 AM Shelby123 I didnt either
2010-05-17 05:17:11 AM Shelby123 I cant keep track anymore everyday
its something new
2010-05-17 05:17:29 AM Momma naynay ohh she metioed me ll
2010-05-17 05:17:33 AM Momma naynay love you ss
2010-05-17 05:17:36 AM Shelby123 lol
2010-05-17 05:17:39 AM Momma naynay mentioned me
2010-05-17 05:17:58 AM Momma naynay Ss i am famous wow top blog than
btr mention shucks guys
2010-05-17 05:19:09 AM sulairene quit the room
2010-05-17 05:19:17 AM EricBrooksDotCom Nay Nay is the new Queen of
Top Bloggers.
2010-05-17 05:19:30 AM sulairene enter the room
2010-05-17 05:19:35 AM EricBrooksDotCom Where the hell is Stephanie
so we can take her crown away?
2010-05-17 05:19:49 AM Momma naynay lol that blog got 600 veiw
yesterday and riday together but not in the top .. i posted it to late i
2010-05-17 05:20:04 AM Momma naynay 762 veiws all together
2010-05-17 05:20:15 AM EricBrooksDotCom Yeah… timing is important.
Before 10 AM is best
2010-05-17 05:20:21 AM Guest3972 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:20:30 AM Momma naynay yeah but i was a spur of the
moment kinda thing lol
2010-05-17 05:20:38 AM Momma naynay it was
2010-05-17 05:20:58 AM Momma naynay nina what chu doing!
2010-05-17 05:21:04 AM sulairene that got deleted
2010-05-17 05:21:06 AM *Cheryl my second to last blog got over 1000
views in one day!!! but I closed it down before it ranked…..that chit
is just nasty for me…I really do like the funny best
2010-05-17 05:21:27 AM EricBrooksDotCom Nina was cybering Sula Nay
Nay. They are both Latina freaks!
2010-05-17 05:21:43 AM *Cheryl drama blogs get a lots of views..and
only a few comments..I only like 3 pages of comments
2010-05-17 05:21:52 AM sulairene yes we are pendejos!
2010-05-17 05:21:54 AM Momma naynay damn that make we hot and bothered
2010-05-17 05:22:01 AM EricBrooksDotCom Pendejos… lol!
2010-05-17 05:22:50 AM EricBrooksDotCom I never get blogs about me
deleted… I LOVE the publicity.
2010-05-17 05:22:58 AM Guest3972 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:23:00 AM Momma naynay whore
2010-05-17 05:23:03 AM sulairene sadlisa certainly did hahaaa SS u go!
2010-05-17 05:23:07 AM *Cheryl who is bunny anyway? she seemed to
know me
2010-05-17 05:23:09 AM seanpatrick enter the room
2010-05-17 05:23:15 AM EricBrooksDotCom Bunny evil muthafukkin
b!tch… LOL!
2010-05-17 05:23:24 AM Momma naynay i like that in my friends
2010-05-17 05:23:35 AM seanpatrick Has SS said my name yet?
2010-05-17 05:23:48 AM EricBrooksDotCom Bunny has been a low level
Bad Lisa minion for years. She used to be “You make bunny cry”
2010-05-17 05:23:51 AM *Cheryl who is she??? sersly…she started on
me on that blog, but no one else…like she knew me
2010-05-17 05:23:59 AM Momma naynay don’t know she said mine though YAY
2010-05-17 05:24:14 AM EricBrooksDotCom She hates me with a passion,
2010-05-17 05:24:25 AM *Cheryl she hates me NOW!!! LOL
2010-05-17 05:24:28 AM EricBrooksDotCom Hey SP!
2010-05-17 05:24:29 AM Momma naynay do anybody hate me
2010-05-17 05:24:38 AM Shelby123 I dont really know her
2010-05-17 05:24:48 AM Momma naynay yall get all the best enemies
2010-05-17 05:24:54 AM Shelby123 I think shes on my friends list,
but not sure I would have to look
2010-05-17 05:24:55 AM EricBrooksDotCom /me looks around. Nope.
Everyone loves Nay Nay
2010-05-17 05:24:58 AM seanpatrick SS hate me cause I’m to nice
2010-05-17 05:24:59 AM *Cheryl Bunny said Lisa didn’t come on line
till 2007…but Lisa said she came on line in 2005
2010-05-17 05:25:05 AM Shelby123 hi SP!
2010-05-17 05:25:06 AM sulairene bunny’s a squirrel
2010-05-17 05:25:19 AM seanpatrick Hi Shelby
2010-05-17 05:25:21 AM *Cheryl who knows what is true anymore
2010-05-17 05:25:26 AM Momma naynay i will call
2010-05-17 05:25:41 AM seanpatrick He:-*yNay
2010-05-17 05:25:53 AM seanpatrick Hey Nay :-*
2010-05-17 05:26:12 AM Momma naynay don’t touch me there.. my kids
are looking
2010-05-17 05:26:26 AM EricBrooksDotCom Next time Bunny is on
defending Lisa… ask her why no one thought enough to include her in
the threads. LOL!
2010-05-17 05:26:37 AM Momma naynay ha good one eric
2010-05-17 05:26:39 AM EricBrooksDotCom Bunny is a low-level pee-on.
2010-05-17 05:26:41 AM simo enter the room
2010-05-17 05:26:59 AM Momma naynay i can’t call my baby is so
selfish with me
2010-05-17 05:27:00 AM sulairene weak minion hey cheryls on!
2010-05-17 05:27:04 AM simo how bout a link, please?
2010-05-17 05:27:05 AM The Sweet Nina show simo
2010-05-17 05:27:05 AM Guest4038 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:27:08 AM Shelby123

2010-05-17 05:27:15 AM sulairene weak minion meaning bunny
2010-05-17 05:27:17 AM Shelby123 hi Josh!
2010-05-17 05:27:19 AM simo quit the room
2010-05-17 05:27:20 AM simo enter the room
2010-05-17 05:27:23 AM EricBrooksDotCom LOL Sula
2010-05-17 05:27:32 AM EricBrooksDotCom Hey Josh
2010-05-17 05:27:34 AM sulairene josh u lurkin & trollin
2010-05-17 05:27:51 AM simo No, I just came in from reading in the
2010-05-17 05:27:53 AM seanpatrick I think this is the 10th Bad Lisa
shows SS has done
2010-05-17 05:27:53 AM Momma naynay they see him trollin they hatin
2010-05-17 05:27:57 AM sulairene u trollette like me!(Tp)
2010-05-17 05:28:01 AM simo hi eric and nina and everyone
2010-05-17 05:28:12 AM EricBrooksDotCom Rwading in the garden? I
will wait for the movie.
2010-05-17 05:28:12 AM Momma naynay hi joshy
2010-05-17 05:28:22 AM Guest4045 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:28:24 AM simo momma! LLTGSTM!
2010-05-17 05:28:25 AM The Sweet Nina show josh you did great on
carls show.soo famous u are
2010-05-17 05:28:31 AM Momma naynay wut?
2010-05-17 05:28:41 AM simo i screwed it up nay nay
2010-05-17 05:28:45 AM Momma naynay i an sofa king we todd did
2010-05-17 05:28:47 AM simo Long Live, etc.
2010-05-17 05:28:54 AM simo thanks nina
2010-05-17 05:28:55 AM The Sweet Nina show live it
2010-05-17 05:28:58 AM seanpatrick My Pizza is ready 😛 BRB
2010-05-17 05:29:03 AM Momma naynay dream it
2010-05-17 05:29:04 AM *~Vanna~* enter the room
2010-05-17 05:29:06 AM Momma naynay be it
2010-05-17 05:29:22 AM simo is this cheryl?
2010-05-17 05:29:25 AM Shelby123 yes
2010-05-17 05:29:58 AM EricBrooksDotCom Like Bunny knows anything. LOL!
2010-05-17 05:30:13 AM sulairene lisa said 2005 i remember her sayin
2010-05-17 05:30:27 AM Momma naynay lisa has been here sice i have
2010-05-17 05:30:28 AM The Sweet Nina show vicki naa is drunk and
goin to have sex she says hi
2010-05-17 05:30:33 AM Momma naynay 2006
2010-05-17 05:30:42 AM EricBrooksDotCom Good for Vicki!
2010-05-17 05:30:51 AM Momma naynay is she drunk already
2010-05-17 05:30:53 AM EricBrooksDotCom (What IS sex, btw?)
2010-05-17 05:31:05 AM Guest4083 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:31:21 AM sulairene ahh quit fappin:D eb!
2010-05-17 05:31:25 AM O’Munch enter the room
2010-05-17 05:31:33 AM The Sweet Nina show she says if she was here
she would have sex with u eric..cyber?
2010-05-17 05:31:35 AM EricBrooksDotCom :$ BUSTED!
2010-05-17 05:31:47 AM sulairene ^o)
2010-05-17 05:31:54 AM O’Munch quit the room
2010-05-17 05:32:08 AM Guest4094 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:32:20 AM EricBrooksDotCom LOL! Unfortunately I am
e-gay now. I only cyber with e-gay guys now.
2010-05-17 05:32:33 AM Guest4083 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:32:38 AM Guest4094 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:32:50 AM BethyCutiePie13 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:32:53 AM seanpatrick SS when are you going to get your
funny back?
2010-05-17 05:32:58 AM EricBrooksDotCom ({)
2010-05-17 05:33:03 AM The Sweet Nina show oh thats good because
vickis a man
2010-05-17 05:33:05 AM seanpatrick Those were the days
2010-05-17 05:33:07 AM The Sweet Nina show ur in luck
2010-05-17 05:33:12 AM EricBrooksDotCom Hi Beth! Hi Vanna!
2010-05-17 05:33:15 AM BethyCutiePie13 Hi guys
2010-05-17 05:33:15 AM Guest4103 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:33:18 AM *~Vanna~* hello EB
2010-05-17 05:33:23 AM BethyCutiePie13 *hugs EB*
2010-05-17 05:33:24 AM Shelby123 hi Beth!
2010-05-17 05:33:24 AM Guest4106 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:33:28 AM seanpatrick hi cutie
2010-05-17 05:33:28 AM Shelby123 Hi Vanna!
2010-05-17 05:33:29 AM BethyCutiePie13 hi Shelby
2010-05-17 05:33:32 AM BethyCutiePie13 Hi SP
2010-05-17 05:33:35 AM *~Vanna~* hell again Shelby
2010-05-17 05:33:42 AM *~Vanna~* *hello
2010-05-17 05:33:48 AM EricBrooksDotCom Showstopper and I need to
co-blog. That would be hilarious. Like a fake drama war.
2010-05-17 05:33:54 AM *~Vanna~* or hell, if SS gets fired up
2010-05-17 05:34:00 AM Guest4111 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:34:16 AM Guest4111 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:34:24 AM BethyCutiePie13 EB, you’re drama enough on
your own, brat
2010-05-17 05:34:42 AM EricBrooksDotCom HA!!!! It like you’ve known
me forever, Beth. 😀
2010-05-17 05:34:45 AM seanpatrick SS only tells the truth and posts
all blog comments
2010-05-17 05:35:20 AM BethyCutiePie13 What can I say…I like to
watch the crazies and figure them out
2010-05-17 05:35:21 AM Shelby123 the law is sketchy when it comes to
17 yr olds, they are old enough to do as they want but legally you are
still responsible for them til they are 18
2010-05-17 05:35:29 AM sulairene quit the room
2010-05-17 05:35:35 AM BethyCutiePie13 And occasionally they charm
me, like you do
2010-05-17 05:35:36 AM simo too big to beat their asses
2010-05-17 05:35:40 AM EricBrooksDotCom Are you watching me, Beth?
2010-05-17 05:35:41 AM seanpatrick true shelby
2010-05-17 05:35:54 AM BethyCutiePie13 Not in a stalkery way, EB
2010-05-17 05:35:58 AM Shelby123 i dont care how big or how old my
kids are, if they need a smackdown they get it plain and simple!
2010-05-17 05:36:03 AM BethyCutiePie13 I have Jesus on the payroll
2010-05-17 05:36:20 AM simo my son was 6′ 2 at 17. I coulda probably
taken him, but damn
2010-05-17 05:36:30 AM Momma naynay lol bethy
2010-05-17 05:36:40 AM Shelby123 lol one of my twins is 6’4″ ill
whip his ass if needed
2010-05-17 05:36:43 AM sulairene enter the room
2010-05-17 05:36:44 AM seanpatrick She still is
2010-05-17 05:36:50 AM EricBrooksDotCom OK…just checking, Beth. 😉
2010-05-17 05:36:55 AM simo ahahahahaha. The Irish!
2010-05-17 05:37:09 AM EricBrooksDotCom I’m sorry, Stacey and I hit
it off right away…
2010-05-17 05:37:17 AM The Sweet Nina show stacey has NEVER pumped me
2010-05-17 05:37:20 AM Shelby123 <—Irish 😀
2010-05-17 05:37:25 AM EricBrooksDotCom If anything I betrayed HER
2010-05-17 05:37:27 AM *~Vanna~* I started liking Stacey when I quit
listening to other people
2010-05-17 05:37:37 AM BethyCutiePie13 I know a 17 year old single
momwho ran away with the kid… because a friend told her her mother
trying to make her act like an adult was abuse… the cops did go after her
2010-05-17 05:37:38 AM The Sweet Nina show stacey is sooo *** ing cool
2010-05-17 05:37:38 AM Momma naynay me to vanna
2010-05-17 05:37:47 AM Guest4145 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:37:48 AM seanpatrick Stacey had a fake or two of me.
2010-05-17 05:37:51 AM Momma naynay she is the bomb mayne
2010-05-17 05:37:57 AM *~Vanna~* I’m coming to trust my own judgement
2010-05-17 05:37:59 AM The Sweet Nina show I am mexican.hush
2010-05-17 05:38:12 AM BethyCutiePie13 Possibly because she smacked
her mother (boxed her ear) before she left
2010-05-17 05:38:16 AM seanpatrick I only trust Vanna
2010-05-17 05:38:23 AM seanpatrick and Beth
2010-05-17 05:38:28 AM EricBrooksDotCom Interesting, Beth
2010-05-17 05:38:29 AM *~Vanna~* LOL SP
2010-05-17 05:38:31 AM seanpatrick and Nina
2010-05-17 05:38:33 AM BethyCutiePie13 Aww, thanks SP
2010-05-17 05:38:48 AM BethyCutiePie13 We have had weird people in
our lives
2010-05-17 05:38:52 AM simo Shoulda joined the Great State. we’d
have your back
2010-05-17 05:38:59 AM sulairene quit the room
2010-05-17 05:39:00 AM Guess4576 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:39:01 AM sulairene enter the room
2010-05-17 05:39:01 AM seanpatrick and Guest #4045
2010-05-17 05:39:06 AM BethyCutiePie13 Strangely, that girl is
really trying to turn her life about now
2010-05-17 05:39:18 AM EricBrooksDotCom Stacey is a hellraiser…
but that’s one of my favorite things about her. She cracks me up!
2010-05-17 05:39:21 AM The Sweet Nina show me? huh?
2010-05-17 05:39:38 AM simo I am friends with all Showstopper’s fakes.
2010-05-17 05:39:41 AM BethyCutiePie13 Hi Nina-Beana *hugs*
2010-05-17 05:39:44 AM The Sweet Nina show I didnt do it
2010-05-17 05:39:51 AM EricBrooksDotCom Good for her, Beth.
2010-05-17 05:40:02 AM The Sweet Nina show hi beth.did you all love
my show last night?
2010-05-17 05:40:05 AM The Sweet Nina show epic!!!
2010-05-17 05:40:11 AM Guest4161 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:40:12 AM BethyCutiePie13 It was short and sweet Nina
2010-05-17 05:40:13 AM Momma naynay you stole the cookie from the
cookie jar nina
2010-05-17 05:40:31 AM *~Vanna~* scabies things?
2010-05-17 05:40:37 AM The Sweet Nina show beautiful.. true meaning
of lulz
2010-05-17 05:40:37 AM Momma naynay it was a great show the best ep
would have been proud
2010-05-17 05:40:41 AM sulairene quit the room
2010-05-17 05:40:51 AM simo too bad everyone missed it
2010-05-17 05:40:53 AM seanpatrick SS had the link on her profile
befor the “fake” blog was posted. 😎
2010-05-17 05:40:57 AM The Sweet Nina show im proud that ur proud momma
2010-05-17 05:40:59 AM sulairene enter the room
2010-05-17 05:41:06 AM Momma naynay especially if he would have been
in chat
2010-05-17 05:41:10 AM Guest4161 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:41:13 AM simo love the back-peddling
2010-05-17 05:41:25 AM The Sweet Nina show it was genius
2010-05-17 05:41:26 AM Guess4576 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:41:30 AM sulairene keep gettin kicked out of chat
2010-05-17 05:41:30 AM simo so you can deny it later?
2010-05-17 05:41:34 AM seanpatrick <— not really SP
2010-05-17 05:41:40 AM Momma naynay I’m proud that your proud that i
am proud!
2010-05-17 05:41:51 AM Guest4177 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:41:53 AM BethyCutiePie13 Fake SP lied to me! *cries*
2010-05-17 05:41:55 AM Momma naynay proudlol
2010-05-17 05:42:02 AM The Sweet Nina show i should do it every week
and see how long people will keep coming
2010-05-17 05:42:07 AM Guest4145 quit the room
2010-05-17 05:42:10 AM Momma naynay ha ha
2010-05-17 05:42:16 AM simo And then we find out Linda’s dog killed
2010-05-17 05:42:18 AM JohnnyK enter the room
2010-05-17 05:42:19 AM ~MoMa~ enter the room
2010-05-17 05:42:30 AM The Sweet Nina show crabby died?
2010-05-17 05:42:31 AM seanpatrick Fake SP wants to fake kiss you Beth
2010-05-17 05:42:34 AM JohnnyK Hey everyone
2010-05-17 05:42:38 AM Jack2003 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:42:39 AM BethyCutiePie13 Nina, I actually come to your
show to be there for a while
2010-05-17 05:42:41 AM simo JohnnyK!
2010-05-17 05:42:49 AM The Sweet Nina show lol bethie
2010-05-17 05:42:52 AM JohnnyK Crabby committed suicide, Nina
2010-05-17 05:42:54 AM *~Vanna~* Hi Johnny!
2010-05-17 05:42:57 AM JohnnyK Hi Josh!
2010-05-17 05:43:01 AM JohnnyK Hi Vanna!
2010-05-17 05:43:09 AM ~MoMa~ hi
2010-05-17 05:43:12 AM EricBrooksDotCom R.I.P. Crabby
2010-05-17 05:43:13 AM sulairene was crabby old?
2010-05-17 05:43:16 AM Momma naynay hi johny
2010-05-17 05:43:16 AM *~Vanna~* MOMA!
2010-05-17 05:43:20 AM The Sweet Nina show people do that all the
time johnny, they always come back
2010-05-17 05:43:20 AM EricBrooksDotCom Fake profiles rock!!!!!
2010-05-17 05:43:22 AM JohnnyK Hi Momma! 🙂
2010-05-17 05:43:26 AM Shelby123 hi Johnny!
2010-05-17 05:43:28 AM BethyCutiePie13 Jesus/God profiles funny as
hell— nice contrast there
2010-05-17 05:43:29 AM seanpatrick <– is really not hung like a horse
2010-05-17 05:43:31 AM The Sweet Nina show viva fakes
2010-05-17 05:43:32 AM JohnnyK No..Crabby really DID, Nina
2010-05-17 05:43:36 AM ~MoMa~ Hiya Vanna and Johnny
2010-05-17 05:43:40 AM JohnnyK Hi Shelby
2010-05-17 05:43:40 AM EricBrooksDotCom I am closer friends to fake
profiles than I am “real” people
2010-05-17 05:43:48 AM The Sweet Nina show ohhhhhh
2010-05-17 05:43:55 AM JohnnyK Hi to anyone I missed! 🙂
2010-05-17 05:43:59 AM simo Jim’s harmless. couldn’t find his way to
the market
2010-05-17 05:44:00 AM ~MoMa~ <~~is a fake profile
2010-05-17 05:44:03 AM JohnnyK Hi Moma
2010-05-17 05:44:06 AM BethyCutiePie13 is really built like a 12
year old boy sadly enough
2010-05-17 05:44:06 AM sulairene is there a difference on MS EB?
2010-05-17 05:44:06 AM The Sweet Nina show all my friends are fakes:D
2010-05-17 05:44:07 AM Shelby123 lol Eric
2010-05-17 05:44:08 AM EricBrooksDotCom <— still the BEST Satan
profile on MySpace. Admit it.
2010-05-17 05:44:12 AM Shelby123 hi MoMa!
2010-05-17 05:44:14 AM *~Vanna~* <—-just the boobs are fake
2010-05-17 05:44:15 AM seanpatrick Much safer Erik. They have fake
2010-05-17 05:44:20 AM The Sweet Nina show YOU? satan
2010-05-17 05:44:21 AM ~MoMa~ haha Vanna
2010-05-17 05:44:24 AM JohnnyK <—has a fake penis
2010-05-17 05:44:25 AM BethyCutiePie13 Now Satan—divinely evil?
2010-05-17 05:44:25 AM The Sweet Nina show omg
2010-05-17 05:44:27 AM ~MoMa~ Hiya Shelby
2010-05-17 05:44:37 AM Shelby123 I dont have time for fake profiles,
I barely have the energy for my own lol
2010-05-17 05:44:45 AM Ruby Diddit enter the room
2010-05-17 05:44:46 AM ~MoMa~ what did she say? translate please
2010-05-17 05:44:51 AM BethyCutiePie13 Johnny, my goodness…and I
shocked you at one point
2010-05-17 05:44:56 AM The Sweet Nina show I dont have fakes eaither
2010-05-17 05:44:56 AM JohnnyK lol
2010-05-17 05:44:58 AM BethyCutiePie13 Lisa’s a pro dancer?
2010-05-17 05:45:00 AM seanpatrick <— fake SP want to suck on
Vanna’s fake……
2010-05-17 05:45:08 AM JohnnyK I shock myself sometimes
2010-05-17 05:45:10 AM *~Vanna~* *faints*
2010-05-17 05:45:18 AM JohnnyK I never know what I’m going rto say next
2010-05-17 05:45:18 AM Ruby Diddit daaayyyyummmm lotta guests
2010-05-17 05:45:18 AM The Sweet Nina show I have never made one
2010-05-17 05:45:33 AM ~MoMa~ who is the clear speaker on air?
2010-05-17 05:45:33 AM BethyCutiePie13 I’m not creative enough to do
a fake
2010-05-17 05:45:37 AM JohnnyK Vanna has a fake?
2010-05-17 05:45:43 AM BethyCutiePie13 Some guy Moma
2010-05-17 05:45:43 AM sulairene hey ruby!! *waves*
2010-05-17 05:45:43 AM simo anybodyu but showstoper?
2010-05-17 05:45:46 AM JohnnyK Cheryl I think
2010-05-17 05:45:52 AM *~Vanna~* fake breasts Johnny
2010-05-17 05:45:54 AM ~MoMa~ haha ty Beth
2010-05-17 05:45:56 AM JohnnyK Hi Rooby..:)
2010-05-17 05:46:01 AM seanpatrick <–is a fake..I’m really a nice
guy in RL
2010-05-17 05:46:02 AM Ruby Diddit hellooo
2010-05-17 05:46:09 AM JohnnyK YAY BREASTESSESSES
2010-05-17 05:46:13 AM seanpatrick Her IP…Bawhahahahahhaha
2010-05-17 05:46:15 AM EricBrooksDotCom <— fake profile. I am the
fakest person you will ever meet. In fact I am actually a chick using a
guy’s pic and history.
2010-05-17 05:46:16 AM simo Lovely Linda!
2010-05-17 05:46:24 AM ~MoMa~ <~~is really Linda
2010-05-17 05:46:24 AM Ruby Diddit lol
2010-05-17 05:46:31 AM seanpatrick MoMa
2010-05-17 05:46:32 AM BethyCutiePie13 Love ya anyway, Erica
2010-05-17 05:46:32 AM Ruby Diddit ole lyyyin ayees
2010-05-17 05:46:36 AM JohnnyK <—-Is really…ummm…
2010-05-17 05:46:45 AM ~MoMa~ hiya SP dahlink
2010-05-17 05:46:59 AM seanpatrick :-*
2010-05-17 05:47:04 AM BethyCutiePie13 Lyin’ Eyes- the B-side to
Hungry Eyes?
2010-05-17 05:47:10 AM ~MoMa~ they still talking about threadgate?
OMG get over it already
2010-05-17 05:47:11 AM EricBrooksDotCom Thanks Beth
2010-05-17 05:47:12 AM Ruby Diddit lol
2010-05-17 05:47:17 AM JohnnyK lol
2010-05-17 05:47:19 AM seanpatrick They were all fake!!!!!!!
2010-05-17 05:47:29 AM simo Hey SP, what’s cookin. I gots me a Ketel
One martini going, man. You?
2010-05-17 05:47:34 AM JohnnyK When no new drama comes up, you gotta
do what ya gotta do
2010-05-17 05:47:37 AM BethyCutiePie13 <—really a 12 year old girl
OMG! Shocker!
2010-05-17 05:47:39 AM JohnnyK lol
2010-05-17 05:47:51 AM seanpatrick I made Pizza…Well a fake Pizza
2010-05-17 05:47:52 AM JohnnyK <—hates fake drama
2010-05-17 05:47:55 AM ~MoMa~ lol Beth
2010-05-17 05:48:06 AM ~MoMa~ fake veggie pizza
2010-05-17 05:48:12 AM seanpatrick Vegi Pie
2010-05-17 05:48:18 AM BethyCutiePie13 Hey, SP—I just made “prison
pizza” using English muffins
2010-05-17 05:48:30 AM seanpatrick <—Likes
2010-05-17 05:48:31 AM JohnnyK You know wh hardest part about eating
vegetables is?
2010-05-17 05:48:43 AM Ruby Diddit i like EP
2010-05-17 05:48:47 AM BethyCutiePie13 Tell us, Johnny
2010-05-17 05:48:49 AM sulairene deletions SUCK HARD
2010-05-17 05:48:50 AM JohnnyK Puting them back in their chais when
you finish.
2010-05-17 05:48:55 AM JohnnyK chairs
2010-05-17 05:49:03 AM Ruby Diddit not everybody from mantana tho
2010-05-17 05:49:12 AM BethyCutiePie13 Golly SS, get a glass of
water, woman
2010-05-17 05:49:19 AM Guest4234 enter the room
2010-05-17 05:49:20 AM seanpatrick The kids love my white bread pizza.
2010-05-17 05:49:22 AM Shelby123 hi Ruby
2010-05-17 05:49:23 AM JohnnyK <—-sick man
2010-05-17 05:49:29 AM Momma naynay My Mystery Texter is a mystery!
2010-05-17 05:49:30 AM BethyCutiePie13 lol Johnny
2010-05-17 05:49:30 AM Ruby Diddit hey shelby

Memories of Rapey part 2


Michael The Rochester Renegade!

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Gender: Male
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April 13, 2010 – Tuesday

Current mood:  betrayed
Category: MySpace

The recent scandal involving a popular MySpace blogger and revelations about her past have left many people scratching their heads over the controversy. How can a loyal and devoted friend of her’s, tip off her hated enemy, links to websites in which she is in positions which, in retrospect, is incredibly lacking in foresight. The links, in turn, posted on MySpace, for another blogger to post the links and open a MySpace wide scandal. Two people have been villianized and one particular drama blogger is relishing
(1) a destruction of a friendship and (2) the turning on former friends over the controversy.

It is no secret the conservatives on MySpace, with few exceptions, have been a loyal group of people who engaged in camaraderie which the liberals here were probably quite envious here. But a behind the scenes drama blogger wanted these friendships destroyed out of the coldness of her heart, and devised a plan which brilliantly succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

Sabrina Phillips has played this particular “damsel in distress” persona to the hilt, with her white knight, The Dude, defender of wimmens, by her side, deflecting the cruel and cold torments of wimmens hater The Rochester Guy! She even has dispatched the foremost drama blogger and despised woman on MySpace to do her bidding now that she is in cahoots with Nestafaru.

In fact, The Dude had a two hour radio show on Blog Talk Radio (which he quickly deleted for libel reasons, as well as Sabrina’s show) which was a “trial” where I was defendant, and all the trolls and “new friends” of Sabrina were in attendance. Mind you, these were people who days before, derided Sabrina as a plagiarizer, a bimbo, a fool, a bad blogger. Now they are on the cheering gallery pumping their fists and defending her vociferously, as they had a 180 degree change of heart overnight. Of course, opportunists Eurodanceaddict and !!Lika!!, the foremost fence-sitters until they sense where they can benefit the most, weighed in and !!Lika!! wanted me to issue a warrant against me, which I laughed about because the warrant was as imaginary as her organization she “runs.”

Now, in a trial, there is a defendant who is allowed equal opportunity to speak. But not in the Kangaroo Court of the Hillbilly … who rarely ranked high in N&P.

The Dude, for 3 1/2 hours (
2 hours on his own show, which nobody listened to previously, until he decided to go drama) and then for Sabrina’s “Freedom’s Last Stand” (a show of which she said many times would be a totally anti drama show, but because she wanted to ride the bandwagon against me, excitedly agreed to extend this “trial.” It was also a show which was panned by her new friends as “lame” and “boring” until they wanted to ride the drama bandwagon). I took the advice of several people to ignore the rantings of the show’s host and the callers in, who previously called Sabrina horrible names but were now her biggest supporters. I did, but in the last 1/2 hour of Sabrina‘s show, I got an email from someone where a phony advocate was telling the host that she was going to file a report against me (this was previously done by Sabrina’s new felon friend). I decided to listen in and saw the chat room and was immediately hit with “rapechester” and “rapist” by the trolls who took over the room. John Q Public aka Shane, called me those names, and I proceeded to go low as well, and now he was mad that I was “out of control” and “crazy” (because I gave back what he gave me, of course).

In The Dude’s blog, he lied about who started it and who called what a name:

John Q. Public

Shane NunYa

Naomi, I am sure you did not hear the worst of it either. Mike was threatening to have Sabrina’s daughter taken away and he claimed i raped my Mother and Sons. He has sever mental issues to even think of that kind of stuff. If he had an issue on us calling him to the carpet for what he did, take it up with us, leave the children out of it.

John Q. Public

Shane NunYa

He started in on everyone and the gloves where off. He popped off about my mother first and i ate his lunch.

Posted by John Q. Public on Monday 12/04/2010 – 10:28 PM
[Reply to this

And on, by the way, Shane, you are a liar. You called me rapechester and this is what you get. Stop the low blows if you don’t want it either. Too bad the Dude covers his tracks.

Sabrina and Dennis, in the course of the show, attacked my taste for women and preferred clothing when Sabrina wanted me to vote in a lingerie contest which included a monetary prize. Her photo section has her in revealing outfits, which I always defended despite attacks from liberal bloggers. My desire for younger women was mocked, when Sabrina and Dennis married when she was already pregnant and both under the age of 21. Incredible. Then they attacked my Catholic faith because born agains think The Catholic Church is a cult. This coming from two people who agree women should obey their husbands and that they should be subservient to their male spouse. They bring up priest scandals when ignoring scandals involving fundy churches (hello, PTL and then Oral Roberts?). Oh, you are so tired of the drama, Sabrina Phillips. You are more entrenched in it than even now that you teamed up with the grande dame of MySpace shit stirring. Stop your pontificating on my life and where I went wrong, you self aggrandizing sawed off pissants. I never did cocaine and I never did porn, I never sold cocaine, I never met a significant other during a drug deal, and I never knocked someone up either and “had” to get married. You judge me, lady? Judge your own mistakes. Remember your blog about personal responsibilty?

The Dude only wanted me to get on his show so I could “humble” myself and apologize to “all women” for my behavior. Now that is interesting. The biggest proponents of the scenario, Sabrina, is not known as one of the most civil blog commenters on MySpace. She is still at it, insulting, albeit in a more muted manner (out of an agreement with her new friend). Then there is The Dude, who did blogs which he claimed were satirical comedy but mocked several bloggers and insulted many people in the comments accompanying the blog. Now, Shane, who is the biggest waterboy for the team since Adam Sandler, parroted the demands when he has called bloggers horrible names as well.

The Dude admitted
after some repeated prodding, “yes I do fall below standards”. Look at my blogs for the last few months. I treat liberals fairly, almost to the level of civility that Vic Damico treats them. Yes, I will treat some liberals harshly if they attack first, or insult a friend of mine. Sabrina HAD been under constant assault for her blogs from day one, and blogs are still being written about her…the latest from James. But for them to give me a standard of behavior without adjusting their own behavior, is not only disingenuous and hypocritical, but projects an unsound mind that lacks an ability to analyze critically. Of course, Dennis is now the biggest defender of women, after he made three blogs in a row where he attacked people’s personal appearances and even suggested violence when he bragged about his knowledge of guns and ammunition.

The trial of the Rochester Guy? A Kangaroo Court. I was not allowed to finish my statements. I was interrupted when they had 3 1/2 hours to state their “
damning” evidence against me. I was muted by Sabrina and called names. Then I was cut off. John Q Public/Shane called me a rapist and rapechester and when I responded in kind, he cried foul. Sabrina, Dennis, The Dude, Shane, all piled on me and tried to make issue with my weight, hair, sex life, all mirroring the behavior of the exact trolls whom they condemned in the previous weeks. I did say stuff I regretted, but when anyone is put on the defensive and attacked when not given a fair shake, I will fight out of the corner and take everyone down with me.

They said I was “guilty…but I am in a way. But I plead not guilty to these charges:

* I never told anyone about the links to the videos. I still maintain that.
* I did not view any of her videos.
* I did not spread the word about the videos.
* I did not find her videos amusing and did not laugh about the videos when I admitted they existed.
*I never sold my ex-friend out

I am guilty of:
*Saying Sabrina was a nobody and a loser, doing nothing with her life and was a former druggie. I was wrong and h. I did that in the chat room of the Bad Lisa radio show. I listened to it without going into the chatroom. When I heard Dennis was on the phone to bash me, and when I heard the lie repeated that I told Paula about the videos, which she reported to Mantana, I was in the chatroom. Then I was taunted to call in by Dennis and his “new friend” who weeks before (
Feb. 21, 2010) threatened to blog about his own daughter being raped (email). The same person who posted the emails about her past trials and tribulations, made only to humiliate and hurt her.
* I did not alert Sabrina about the knowledge of the videos. I panicked and did the wrong thing there, but honestly, what would YOU have done?
* I was making horrible comments to Sabrina when she was attacking me. I should have held back, but saying I roofied a drink and repeated the troll
“story” of me and Misty set me off. Sabrina knows the story is false and just “hurting” me for effect was only going to cause a war of words.
*I did say I was going to report them to CPS for doing the show, which is an empty threat. I am sorry to claim that as I never followed through. I think despite my rift with Sabrina, I believe she and Dennis are good parents.

Notice the wrath went to Bobby Ramone and not the actual poster of the information? Blame the one driving the getaway car and not the trigger puller? Amazing. That is the mentality of MySpace. They won’t blame the big dog, just the whelps because no one here has the guts, the integrity, and the courage to just tell it like it really is.

Now The Dude says Court is in session again. This self-proclaimed defender of de wimmenfolk wears his imaginary robes for a session in which he really is judge, jury and executioner. I would have wanted to call The Dude‘s first wife to the witness stand to examine his fitness to call himself the defender of de wimmenfolk, but he stammered and wanted to change the subject. Fine.

I mean, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote more than 100 years ago,
“a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” so Ralph, I guess all rules of fairness and equity are but a figment in the Court of King Wannabe Dude.

The Dude, let’s face it, is not by popularity parameters a well read blogger, and his recent popularity is based on his immersion into the world of drama blogging. His normal political blogs and radio show have tanked in N&P and BTR ratings. Usually about 3 people were in the chatroom at any one time for his radio show. Now that Sabrina has aligned herself with the drama bloggers and now has a “new” fan base of people who are just around to smell blood for the new victim, The Dude wants a piece of the action, and finally a taste of being a hero when he was an also-ran in the blogging world since he first entered text in a box.

The jury spoke: I was guilty. I take cyber court now as seriously as I took Judge Mathis…a joke.

Court was never in session; the jury is a bunch of trolls, and the issue of Sabrina and I should have been in the hands of only two people: she and I. But the scum of MySpace enjoy exploitation and take relish in two people previously good friends, now tearing each other into ribbons. It is a Roman Colosseum where she and I are killing each other like Ben-Hur and Massala for the savage amusement of the bloodthirsty audience in the chariot race in the movie
Ben Hur.

As a side-note, I watch with amusement as Euro again takes advantage of a situation not unlike the manner in which he exploited my Mathis appearance and Misty. He is always expected to be there whenever a new drama hits MySpace, to spew his two cents to his enraptured audience (okay, I exaggerated there). Eurodanceaddict and Lika have made blogging about other bloggers a sport since their other videos get even less views and responses than even The Dude‘s. These two “youth advocates” took pleasure in attacking both Sabrina and I on a constant basis, and magically, now they are her biggest defenders outside of the Dude. These two bloggers, who now defend the actions of Dennis that they previously condemned on DC’s Christmas blog, are in sore need of being on a side. A winning side. They claim not to be opportunists, but most of MySpace knows them to ride whatever trend and controversy and milk it so they will get readers (I guess Euro has not done a music blog in ages, he is so entrenched in drama).

The demands from The Dude and Sabrina are to be more civil to other bloggers who disagree with their positions, but as it really stands, these demands are empty in the light of their repeated, and consistent, uncivil behavior on blogs which they wrote and on other blogger’s comments. Look in the mirror, please, and since you are so biblical, Sabby, what about the log in your eye?

So The Dude, the MySpace version of Jon Gosselin, milk your pathetic and shameless 15 minutes of MySpace fame for what it is worth.

You will be as forgotten and discarded by readers as the Imperatrix of Shanapolis after your little game is over and the dust clears. It seems that politics is secondary to drama blogging for Sabrina and The Dude. Maybe they need some humbling. I won’t do it. They are blips on most of America’s radar.

I will let them hang themselves with their own rope. They already are destroying themselves and others when the person they wanted to destroy is not participating.




Now, back to our normal programming.

Memories of Rapey

Bullet Tooth
Wow.  I’m actually pretty glad I don’t blog nearly as much as I used to.  Geez.
Posted by Bullet Tooth on April 12, 2010 – Monday – 11:51 PM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
Yes, remember how civil Dennis was to you in the Christmas blog? This is bullshit stuff. I am staying away more after this.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 12, 2010 – Monday – 11:59 PM
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Bullet Tooth
Naturally, I do.  I wasn’t all that surprised after I made a counter-blog and he stayed quiet.  I eventually just quit blogging as I have been rather busy the last few months etc.  I’ve made a couple blogs in the last couple of weeks though….

Posted by Bullet Tooth on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:06 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
I may look at them. Thanks.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:07 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
Folks, the dude is blocking me from commenting on his blog, so I am blocking him from commenting on MY blog.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:00 AM
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Miss Wyoming

Madison Homewood
Sounds like a lot of  bull shit around this story. This girl makes a ADULT XXX  PORN SMUT FILM and now she is the victim. And her husband holds a press conference to promote the video. Rapechester …??? How do you rape the willing? You cannot rape a girl that got naked and had sex on video. Now if someone drugged her and gave her a Roffy that would be an entirely different story.
Posted by Miss Wyoming on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:09 AM
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Wesman Todd Shaw

Wesman Shaw
can a brutha get a link?

Posted by Wesman Todd Shaw on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 2:55 PM
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shut the fuck up homewood whore !

Posted by Stacey on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 4:41 AM
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Smart girl, raised the right way.

Posted by Josh on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:57 AM
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check out what josh has to say about how these videos leaked out. its at 2 hours and 14 minutes into the show. josh has been blabbering his big mouth everywhere.

Posted by Stacey on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 8:41 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
I said that AFTER the fact. Josh forgot it happened after the fact. I was telling Showstopper that AFTER the videos leaked out. Obviously I was wondering HOW the videos leaked out. I was not telling people how to get to the videos. Stacey that is not a revelation. MANtana has the ultimate answer. THIS was not a revelation.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 9:43 AM
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Just trying to point out that JOSH is a trouble maker and he’s here on your blog bein all smiley N shit

Posted by Stacey on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 7:29 PM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
Stacey, I was not the brightest bulb over this; but yes, the pieces are coming together. I will just press the mute button on myself and let you do what you need to do. I have moved on to politics and bashing Obama so I am allowing you to complete your investigation without distraction, my dear.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 7:31 PM
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Posted by Sylvia on April 14, 2010 – Wednesday – 10:37 PM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
Good points there. But I never told a soul about the videos and their locations on the internet, which is the proposed scenario among the trolls, but this was known as early as October 2009. I am pissed that some of her defenders are drama scum just jumping on a bandwagon.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:12 AM
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Nice job Mike… I’m blown away at how this has gotten. 
Posted by Pip on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:13 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
It is getting too big. It is more tragic than anything. To see friends ripped apart over bullshit is startling. It is something obviously planned and executed by scum here.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:14 AM
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Miss Wyoming

Madison Homewood
Yes I listen to BTR and I check my links on Myspace it has been the drama for the last week here. Sucks to be the scapegoat for someone poor choices in life when they were younger. We have all done thing we regret when we were younger. Live and learn and do not repeat the past. I think it is ridiculous they are trying to put the blame on you. Own up to your past and be done with it. BUT NO THESE PEOPLE ARE DRAMA BLOGGERS.

Posted by Miss Wyoming on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:21 AM
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1.95 a minute to look at Sabrina’s vids.  She’s been raking cash off for three years.  Praise Jeebus! and pass the porn cash!

Posted by Josh on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:55 AM
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Wesman Todd Shaw

Wesman Shaw
I wanna link!

Posted by Wesman Todd Shaw on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 2:56 PM
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Posted by Stacey on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 4:44 AM
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Wesman Todd Shaw

Wesman Shaw
I hate her because she uses an auto refresher to monopolize the number one spot on n and p blogs. . . . .and her blogs absolutely suck, she screens comments, she’s as smart as a box of used tampons. . . . . .. etc, etc, etc.

Posted by Wesman Todd Shaw on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 8:05 PM
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Posted by Sylvia on April 14, 2010 – Wednesday – 10:37 PM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
Thank YOU, Madison, for the words of encouragement. And yes, I owned up to my part. I am deeply sorry for the horrible things I said to Sabrina in chat room. But she is running to a drama blogging queen and in effect, cheapening her own position on MySpace because she wants to promote her new website.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:24 AM
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Posted by Stacey on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 4:49 AM
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♥ Naomi™♥
I didn’t agree with you doing this blog! I don’t understand On one hand you will say nice things about Sabrina and the Dude then you turn the next second on them! Remember what I said THEY are not the enemy’s yet you are treating them like they are
Posted by ♥ Naomi™♥ on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:26 AM
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Naomi, I told you not to listen to Mike.  Vegas?

Posted by Josh on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:54 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
The Dude lowers his blog, I will lower this one. He had his chance to character assassinate me, now it is his turn to feel the heat.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:27 AM
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♥ Naomi™♥
THEY are not the enemy’s
Posted by ♥ Naomi™♥ on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:29 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
The want me to apologize, but they chose a public venue when email would have done. They want humility from me? They also have to admit they messed up as well with their blogging and commenting choices.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:33 AM
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♥ Naomi™♥
Are Sabrina, Dude and John blocked and or are you removing comments from them??
Posted by ♥ Naomi™♥ on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:39 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
The Dude blocked me from his blog (thus his hillbilly ass is thrown out of the tavern), but Dennis and Sabrina are welcome to comment here.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:50 AM
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Sybil II
 *I did say I was going to report them to CPS for doing the show, which is an empty threat

well I’m confused. Naomi put of a chat with you where you said you DID make a report.

Posted by Sybil on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:36 AM
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♥ Naomi™♥
I don’t think he actually meant it but we shall await his answer!!
Posted by ♥ Naomi™♥ on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:42 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy
I never made a report. I did that a response to Lika making a threat to report me to the feds for kiddie porn, which was a lie…something that Sabrina and Dennis wholeheartedly concurred.

Posted by Michael The Rochester Renegade! on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 12:47 AM
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So, to clarify, you made a threat to call cps, which was a hollow threat. Then you even told Naomi that you DID file the report, which was a lie?

Mike, seriously, you are digging yourself into a hole that you won’t get out of.

Posted by Jim on April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – 10:05 AM
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Michael The Rochester Renegade!

Michael Rochester Guy

Suicide toilet bomber

I have 2 bathrooms in my home, one is mine, one is for the kids and company. They are both usually a mess. The kids are slobs and I tend to pull out a lot of shit and it ends up piling up before I put it away.toile2
Anyway, I decided to clean my toilet in the middle of the night. I have insomnia so I do weird shit all the time while most normal people are sleeping.
First let me explain that I am a full ethical vegan. I also dont use any toxic chemicals around my kids or animals. I do a lot of other things too but I’m too lazy to write about it now.
So back to cleaning, I use vinegar and baking soda to clear out my drains  and to keep things shiny. If you’ve never used it before it can work wonders, it’s cheap and it’s highly effective. Well brilliant me, basically sleep walking because my brain goes to sleep long before I do, decides well if it works for the sinks it will work for the toilet….


For those not in the know, do not under any circumstances put vinegar and  baking soda in your toilet and flush it.toilet


It was like a mini suicide bomber was lying in wait in my shitter and when I flushed and walked away every motherfucking thing that was ever flushed decided to bubble up and come blowing out of the fucking bowl.




All over the bathroom floor and it didn’t stop there, it continued to full force self clean right to my master bedroom carpet.

Thank you Jesus for shop vacs.

Long story short, my toilet is shiny and clean and I spent a couple hours cleaning a lot of other shit I had no desire to clean. FML. God only knows where my brain cells go when they should be supervising me.



I originally planned to use this site to write for myself. Since I got thrown in facebook jail, I have no venue to speak my opinions on  the ways of the world.  So today I decided to use my site.

My writing is primarily for me, being the selfish bitch that I am.  I do enjoy making people laugh, and doing it in a way and about things they might not usually do on their own.  What I definately did not want to use this platform for was simple social media drama.  Now while I will stick with my original plans, today changed my attitude about certain social media drama.

Although it can be said that it’s old news, over done, and that the day of drama blogging is over I have to disagree.  If a person feels the need to cross lines with me and have my facebook page reported for silly and unhateful bullshit, than I have every right to fire back and use my freedom of speech to tear this report fag a new asshole.

This begins the story of Tracey N Greig.  tg11

On this past Thursday, a crazy motherfucker named Steve, decided to climb Trump Towers using only 4 gianormous suction cups. Hilarious right!?  Well not everyone thought so, but that’s what makes this world free, we can agree to disagree about what is funny. We can block on social media sites, unfriend, turn the page, turn the channel or log the fuck off if we start to feel a tingle in our feel holes. The internet can be an evil scary place and me being an asshole, I enjoy that.

So Steve is climbing the building and unfortunately he didnt make it and not in the good way. As I waited and waited with baited breath for him to plunge to his death holding only 3 suction cups, ( just think of the meme opportunities!)  the destroyer of all good parties, the po po, pulled him in through a window shattering Steve’s dream of meeting Mr. President…er Mr. Trump, and at the same time shattering my dream of really obnoxious dead spiderman memes.

Now being the smart asshole that I am and never wanting to let an opportunity for laughs pass by, I took the option of creating a facebook fundraiser for Steve’s bail money and some new suction cups.  It was an obvious joke for anyone with even a quarter of a brain, but low and behold hidden in the bowels of my friend list was Tracey. tg32

How she got there I will never know, and why she stayed so long after seeing my daily shenanigans is a mystery, but stay she did. Until Steve.

I received a message telling me that I was a big, old, meanie pants and that Tracey N Greig were leaving my building. My heart grew






just like the grinch! It was my first hate mail in 10 years!! Oh how I”ve missed you hate mail *sigh*.  So to continue on my quest for the shits and giggles I created another fund raiser to raise money to buy Tracey N Greig a sense of much needed humor. But sadly Tracey was having nothing of the sort. This wildebeast tyrannysorryrextg38

just had to report my hilarious, yet unharmful jokes to Mr. facebook. It was then I was placed in facebook jail.  So I said fuck this shit and let Bad Lisa out of her crate to stretch her legs, and jaws. I searched her profile, borrowed some public pictures   tg52 tg53 tg54 tg55 tg56 tg57 tg58  tb59  tg5     tg12  tg15   tg26  tg30offensive tg39 tg40

and went on my merry way.


This hypocritical can of smashed menopausal cunts had the nerve to have anarchy tatts and pics of anonymous posted! She was also worshipping weed and spouting Christian values while practicing witch craft! Which if she were any good at she could have magically made herself better looking, but that’s another story.tg33witchchristian


Tracey was whinning about how her mommy died when she was 7 leaving behind an oversized load of confused depression. She even posted nudes of herself, which I quickly reported because I don’t gaf if the whole world is blind, (which is a christian reference look it up if you don’t get it)


Fuck you Tracey you hideous, humorless, hematoma of ugly. Just because you dont like what I say doesnt mean I dont have the right to say it. Much like Anonymous, you will never silence me. Bad Lisa is an idea, it has it’s own form and it rules itself.  If there was a way for me to bore into your computer and tear your dried up hide off and turn it into curtains I would do it. But truly I am so lazy I dont even want to finish this blog.

Lesson here is, leave me the fuck alone, I leave you alone, and that applies to everyone.  If you have dark twisted personality and sense of humor we will enjoy each other. If not I will stick in your head like a tick until all your mind is sucked dry trying to figure out a way to remove me.

Oh and p.s. you should really lay off the weed and invest in a good plastic surgeon. Your sex change is worse than Bruce Jenner’s.






year end blog. Sorry no pics but they are all in my bucket ;)

Hey you sick fucking bastards! Nice to have you all drop by. This blog is going to be a little different then the rest of my literary masterpieces. Let me tell you a little story. Sometime back in the fall of 2008, I took a little break from Myspace. I was still here per say, but I didn’t log on. I was getting tired of being deleted every 24 hours, and blamed for all of the drama here by the cry babies. I was labeled a hater and even funnier then that a blog terrorist! Damn that term still makes me leak piss when I hear it! Anyway back to me. I decided to see if it could possibly be true. I mean I know I am the shit. But could Bad Lisa really single handedly bring down the peace and love of myspace? Would myspace turn into an actual place for friends, as they so falsely advertise? It remained to be seen. Now let’s flash forward to the beginning of December when I finally returned. Upon logging on I eagerly checked the blogs expecting to hear Kumbia playing at full blast from all of those god damn auto playing pieces of shit you douche bags insist on putting on your blogs. Trust me, even if I love your blogs I’m prone to avoiding them just for that simple fact. And fuck you with the turn my speaker volume down. If I have to put effort into reading your shit you can bet your fat ass it aint happening. Anyway, to my surprise guess what I found? Well it wasn’t love and friendship that’s for sure. All of the idiots and lifeless skanks were still fighting and talking shit all over the place. It was then I decided I needed therapy. So off to a therapist I went. And it was the shit. She gave me some of the best drugs ever to be shit out of a pharmaceutical company this side of the Mexican border. They made me forget why I even went to see her in the first place. Bad Lisa was legally stoned and bloggers meant nothing to me. Then I read Stephanie. I took an extra pill. And an super sized cup of vodka. One more pill for good measure. Sadly Stephanie fucked up what took my therapist one day to fix. I remembered why I was here. That cunt is the most annoying, self centered, elitist, no talent, deluded, frigid, shriveled twat, to ever post a blog on this site. Nothing gets through to this relic…and I say relic because that bitch lies about her age more then any other over the hill twat here besides nipfuck. One look at the saggy skin on her neck and you know that bitch has been on the rag for at least 50 years. So I tried to add a short comment on her blog. You know the kind…the ones where I spread my good cheer to help and guide the misguided. And big surprise the snapper snatch deleted it. It was then that I decided to do something I’ve never done before on myspace. I decided to write a year end blog featuring not only some of the funniest freak shows of haters that I have had the good fortune of being attacked by, but I’ve also decided to put an end to the whinny bullshit that I am only so tough behind a fake avatar. Even though my avatar isn’t really fake. I made it and it is my legs, feet and heels. Not only will I show you who I really am, I will also show you my tits. Calm down now!!! Drooling too much onto your keyboard can cause you to electrocute your horny ass’d selves. And since I love tits myself…well I actually love all the nudity I can get, I expect each and every one of you to post your best nude shots here. I want it hard, and I want it dirty you farm swine! And no need to worry, this blog along with me will probably deleted within 24 hours. I’ll be lucky to make it till morning. So without further rambling, I welcome you to my version of myspace memories 2008.

It’s True I Slept With Elvis

Since it is constantly brought to my attention by the myspace cry baby brigade, that I can only blog about other bloggers, every once in a while I must toss out a blog that has nothing to do with this cyber day care center. Today is your luck day twats. When I was growing up, my grandmother was my best friend. She lived on the Jersey shore and staying with her created some of the best memories of my life. She was a huge Elvis fan. I grew up listening to his music and know almost every one of his songs by heart. Yes, at a young age I fell madly in love with Elvis the Pelvis. Granny and I spent many lazy afternoons watching his movies, and in my impressionable mind, I would create a fantasy of myself being each one of those lucky woman who got play a part in each of his cheesy films. When he passed away, I was devastated. I just knew that if he had known me he would still be alive today. Now, let’s fast forward to my early adult years. Although I still adored Elvis, I was no longer obsessed with him when I was in my early twenties. But when I showed up one night at my favorite local club and saw that they had an Elvis impersonator I was intrigued. I mean, no one could take the place of my Elvis, but I was curious to see what this guy had to offer. My friends and I made ourselves comfortable and the kamikazes started flowing like piss from a wino. Shots were passed and the drunken debauchery took it’s toll. By the time Elvis took the stage I was pretty well lit I assume, because the only thing I can remember to this day was thinking, “Oh My God, I must have this man.” I made my way to the front of the crowd of screaming women. My childhood fantasy man and I made direct eye contact. I swear I passed out. But I didn’t. The next thing I remember is waking up in my bed. I had one of those hangovers where you cannot open your eyes right away. The pain hit as soon as I became conscience, and I had to lay very still and try to take mental inventory of my bodily functions. I first became aware of the pain in my skull, I then took mental note of all of my body parts…yes they were all still attached. It was then that I had the sudden awareness that I was not alone. Slowly I pried one eye open a bit to see where the hell I was and who was next to me. The first thing I saw as I peeked through my bloodshot eye was huge black hair and the longest side burns I had ever seen. I closed my eye quickly as my sluggish brain tried to register what it was seeing. In disbelief I peeked again. My eye trailed down the body that was laying beside me…I saw a white jumpsuit complete with huge bell bottoms and rhinestone studding. For a split second I thought I was dead. Then the realization hit me like a fucking mack truck. I was in bed with Elvis Presley. I felt the sudden urge to puke, but thought better of it. I tried to remain calm but it was too late to reach for the xanax…a major panic attack hit with the force of a tidal wave. I jumped straight up out of bed and immediately started firing questions at the King. “Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? You have to get out of here right now!!” Elvis sat up and gave me that sexy lopsided grin and said, “I cant leave, you brought me here. I sent my driver home”. It was at that moment I had my first cardiac arrest. Anyone who has panic attacks will understand how I felt at that very moment. A million thoughts went running through my mind. I couldn’t breath, I was going to die. My head was screaming with one of the worst hangovers I have ever had. It was as if my brain had swollen much too large for my skull and was going to explode at any moment. My survival instinct was running at top speed. I am quite sure I looked like a crazed lunatic. I just had to get this giant glittery man out of my house before anyone saw him. Finally logic kicked in and I realized I would have to take him home. Leaving on the same clothes that I passed out in from the night before, I started putting on my shoes. “Ok, Elvis let’s go, I’ll take you home.” He replied that his name was Tony. It was all I could do to not jump out of my own flesh. Tony? Tony??? Was he fucking kidding? He looked like Elvis, but his name was Tony. Boy I sure could pick em. “Ok Tony, hurry up, let’s go. Where the hell do you live?” I then had my second cardiac arrest of the morning. “I live in Patterson New Jersey” he said as if he was just around the corner. “PATTERSON?” I screamed. Hell, I didn’t even know where Patterson was, but I knew it was at least a good hour from me. He kind of laughed at me softly. He was the calmest Elvis I had ever seen. All I could think was that he must have been very used to waking up in strange places with strange women. I, on the other hand, was not one to bring home strange men ever. Especially not ones that wore shiny jumpsuits and had hair bigger then mine. So I grabbed my keys and rushed Tony out of the house into the car and off I went. I knew I really was in no condition to drive but my anxiety level was so high there was just no stopping me. He gave me directions and it’s a wonder I didn’t put my foot through the floor of my car as I hit the gas. As I drove I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. Sitting calmly in my passenger seat in the cold hard light of day, was Elvis Presley. No doubt about it. I cursed myself for drinking so much and made a mental promise to God, that if he let me get through all this I swore I would never drink again. Then Tony say’s “Hey, I am really starving, what do you say we stop at a diner for breakfast?” Was he delusional? Eat?? At a time like this? “No way man, I am taking you straight home” I said as nicely as I could while clutching my chest to keep my heart from exploding into a million pieces. “Then how about we just stop at McDonalds and I will just get something quick?” he said while giving me the Elvis sneer. I thought about it for a second, and realized that I could use a cup of coffee so I agreed to the McDonalds drive through. What harm could come from that? We pulled into the next McDonalds and low and behold the drive through was closed. I was ready to pull out my hair, and was throwing the car into reverse when he let me know he had to use the bathroom anyway so we might as well go in. What could I do? He had to pee. I cant be completely heartless could I? I parked the car and we walked into McDonalds at 6:30 a.m. It was then I had my third cardiac arrest of the morning. You have not lived until you have entered a McDonalds, at the crack of dawn in wrinkled club clothes and crazy lady bed head, with a massive hangover. People will look at you strange. Now add to that I am walking in with a giant Elvis in full dress, complete with baubles, rhinestones, sideburns, and a bell bottom jumpsuit that leads down to his blue suede shoes. As the whole restaurant became silent and all eyes focused on us, I prayed for death. I think I passed out again. Finally coffee in hand, and Tony with his mcmuffins we hit the road again. This time I was determined to drive straight through, without stopping for anything. I had to rid myself of this freak show. Sadly my plans were foiled again. As I saw the red lights of the police car in my rear view window…you guessed it, I had my fourth cardiac arrest of the day. I was pulled over for going 85 in a 50 mile an hour zone. I receive my very first speeding ticket with Elvis sitting next to me. I don’t even remember what the cop said to me, but I will never forget his laugh. I think I was crying. After about 2 hours from when I left my home, I dropped Tony at his house. He no sooner closed the car door and I took off. I still to this day cannot remember exactly where he lived. I was driving in full blown anxiety mode. When I finally arrived back at my house, I collapsed on my bed from exhaustion. It took me a while to regulate my breathing and to get my heart rate to a normal level. I could finally relax. I had learned a valuable lesson. I stretched out on my bed and looked over at the clock on my night stand. To my shock on the corner of the night stand sat Tony’s keys. I sat up and picked up the ring of keys. I think at that very moment I lost my mind. I started laughing. I had no way to contact this guy, and in all of my anxiety, I really had no idea where I had just taken him. I would never find his house again. There was nothing to do but put the keys in the drawer, and pop two xanax and a few Tylenol and sleep for the rest of the day. I have never gone to see anything having to do with Elvis again. Although my friends did call me Priscilla for years afterwards. And someday I may sell Elvis’s keys on Ebay.